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 Can antibiotics be bought over the counter from a pharmacist?

how long will it take for my cold to go away . i was coughing for a week and a half now how much longer do i have?...

 Tattoos may be tomorrow's vaccines?
is this true as most people cant look after a ...

 What cells/organs does the Measles virus infect?

 What is the best treatment for lyme disease?
I have had it for about seven years, but just got diagnosed....

 I have an infection. What should i do?
Hi guys. I recently pierced my nipple and i found that i now have a butt infection. Could the two be related?...

 could it be tetanus?
my 3 yr old son got his hand burn last week. one week later, he started having a fever, told me his neck, back and mouth hurts. he cant sleep as well as he usually does, and his hand and legs move ...

 What is glandular fever?
What is glandular fever?

And is it related to Pharyngitus?...

 does your immune system become stronger?
I've heard that using antibacterial soaps, etc will make the bacteria more resistant to anti biotics and in a sense evolve. But if this is the case will our immune systems also become stronger ...

If a person infected with tapeworms shows symptoms such as diarrhea, is it common for that symptom to get worse at night?
Additional Details
Also is it common for the diarrhea to go ...

 Is ME transmittable?
serious answers only please (Nurse or doctor if possible)...

 Is the tomato salmonella outbreak over?
Is it safe to eat raw tomatoes now?
Please give me honest, true answers that you are SURE are correct. No guesses please.

PS. If you just touch raw tomatoes can you get ...

 Parents that only get one or two vaccines at a time?
Do you see a difference in your childs reaction? Do you think it's worth doing, or is it more painful for the baby? Just curious thinking about doing this please let me know what you experienced....

 how do you spell Munchousands?
munchousands disease ...

 I have a friend that started treatment for hep c is it safe for her to take vicadin?

 How can you tell the difference between fifths disease and chicken pox in an 8 year old? (Pics included)?
Or is it something else? This is only his SECOND DAY with the rash.


 I had the mono. When can I get drunk?
I had mono about 2 weeks ago, but now I feel completely fine. Would it be okay to just have a few beers or will my liver explode?...

 I have a tickle in my throat, a tingly feeling in my stomach, & experience headaches & dizzy spells at times?
Also, I'm not as hungry as I usually am, and I found a little white substance in my stool. This has been going on for about two days after I ate sushi. Does this mean I have a fish tapeworm?...

 how can a doctor tell if you have a stomach virus?

 strep throat that wont go away!!!?
i have had strep throat for around a moth or two now and it wont go away... i was on an antibiotic for something else when i started getting bumps on my tounge but i had no pain in my throat or ...

I didn't have chickenpox. Should I get shingles vaccine?
I am age 73

If you ever had chicken pox you won't get it again. But if you never got the vaccine and you never had the chicken pox you need to get it.

Probably, just to be safe.

NO! Don't get a shingles vaccine. Get a Chicken pox vaccine ( If there is one? Anyone know for sure? ) Anyway, shingles is teh chicken pox virus, in a "comatose" form. it will re activate at random.

Get a chicken pox vaccine. Not a shingles one.
If there isn't one, drink you're vitam C and eat healthy.

Stephen T
You should get the chicken pox vaccine.

Julia M
No, you do not need to because you did not have the chickenpox.. Only people who have had the chickenpox get shingles....

If you have not had chickenpox and you are 73 years of age I must imagine you have a history of the disease that you are not aware of. If that is the case, you are eligible for a Herpes Zoster vaccine but I would not recommend it even though that is what I do every day and have done every day since the vaccine was made available to the public.

Do you plan to travel to places with chickenpox outbreaks? If not, I would not worry about getting the shot. Have you had children or grandchildren with chickenpox? If you were exposed and did not catch chickenpox you were probably immune.

I agree, if you think there is a chance you are susceptible you should talk it over with your private physician and get his/her opinion on the matter.

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