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 Once you get mono, are you immune to it?
Can you get it again after once?...

 Does nonoxynol 9 kill the HIV virus?

 is scurvy a deadly disease?

 what are two precautions that could be taken to reduce the risk of dna contamination?

 sick sister?
My sister is at her 37th week with her pregnancy. A couple of days ago, she started developing blisters and cold sores in and around her mouth. Her throat has been hurting her and she has been with a ...

 I have a fever, but also a party to attend.?
So I have a small fever at about 37.8 celcius and I have a new year's party to attend. I really want to attend this party, but the fever is making me slightly tired. Is there anyway the fever ...

 If a person has hep c genotype 2b, does it effect a person's thinking? Ever since i quit drinking, and found
out i had hep c I have made blunder, after blunder at work. Knowledgeable answers please?...

 I didnt take my meds like I was sposed to, now my strep throat is back helppp!?
Ok so I had strep throat about three weeks ago, and i would take my meds only when my throat would get sore (amoxocillin) and it never hurt to bad at all, but today it started hurting and now its ...

 Did you and other people in your family got a cold and flu between September 1st to now??? It's the flu season?
I'm just curious about it and I want to help.
the best way to bet better fast are:
eat chicken noodle soup
stay away from work or school on the day you have a VERY BAD cough

 help me please...im cold :(?

 I got rust all over my hands, should I be worried?
Ok today my siblings attacked me with a broom that has a rusty stick. I grabbed it and plunged it back at them. I got rust all over my left hand and I washed it off with anti bacterial soap and water....

 I need some serious help and doctors wont help!?
okay! guys listen. im 16 male. none-smoker!!
i always have phlegm comming out of my throat that i have to spit out. my 2 nostrils have been blocked now for about a year! my doctor gave me 2 ...

 with a corneal ulcer how long does the pain last after you start taking the drops?

 Kayser- Fleicher ring?
is a brown pigmentation seen in the epithelial corneal layer at the periphery ,of 2mm width, circumfrentially ,merging into the limbal conjunctiva ,a sign of WILSON'S DISEASE.?This pigmentation ...

 is it safe to have a bath during fever?

 Strep throat or false alarm?
Thursday afternoon (12/11/08) after school I was very tired, which I normally am not. I decided to take a quick one hour powernap.
When I woke up, my throat was very sore, but I shook it off ...

 Is there a meningitis epedemic that no one is telling us about?

 Does cher have a disease?
You know cher the singer? I heard she has some sort of disease. Is this true, does anyone know?
Additional Details
If anyone knows do you also know what its called?...


 why do my glands hurt ?
i am always ill either With chest infections, bad asthma or tonsillitis and have missed alot of school.my glands are always up but in the last week they have been really hurting and i have had a ...

How would doctors know if you have post-polio?
like would they do any tests ? how would they know?

The majority of doctors don't know much about post polio syndrome. I am giving you the fact sheet from the National Institute of Health. You would need to print out all the information here and take it to him as there are NO definite markers. If you had polio as a child is the number one clue!

If you would like to learn more we welcome you to join the International Post Polio Support Organization where you will not only find a library, doctor information but a bulletin board where you will meet lots of people with Post Polio.

If we can be of help please contact us.

Fiksdal, President and Co-Founder

Post -Polio Syndrome is largely a diagnosis of exclusion. The docs do tests to rule out other neuro muscular diseases. Am MRI of the brain and spine would be helpful as would. electromyography*. A positive history of Polio would seem to be an obvious clue, but many folks who had non-paralytic polio and were never diagnosed with it have showed signs of PPS.

A good site for answers about this is the IPPSO home site here:


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