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Victoria Sparda
How to bring a fever down...?
I know most people know how to do it due to their parents caring for them in the past but sadly I don't have that background.

I have a fever of 101.5 F, it's been hovering around that level for about 2 days now, I need to know good ways to bring this fever down because it's driving me nuts and making it to where I'm unable to stand because the fever is making me dizzy..........

Logics bar
First you should understand what a fever is, a fever is your bodies way of speeding up metabolic processes and in some regards "sweating" out whatever is making you ill. Some herbal supplements I might recommend are things like cinnamon, garlic, and catnip, some people would recommend boneset but there is a lot of controversy over whether it should be taken internally. Cinnamon and catnip reduce the fever by promoting sweating instead, your temperature falls and you'll sweat instead, surprisingly anything sort of spicy that gets you sweating is desirable, you want to sweat that's what your body is trying to make you do. Garlic is an anti-microbial and will help kill off whatever the infection is.

That is too high a temperature for too long though and runs a risk of being damaging due to the extended fever, I would consider seeing a doctor and using fever suppresants as that is too much fever. You're body will fight through it, and I imagine by now it is gone, at least I hope it is. Spiced rum might actually be advisable for you, very spiced, a ginger beer or something like that, I don't normally drink but the ethanol is again an anti-microbial which will kill off infection. A spiced rum is ideal as it contains a lot of sugar which your body can use when you are ill, add cinnamon, lot's of cinnamon, and drink it hot, there is a reason pirates drink grog and not water.

Remember to keep your fluids up, you want to be able to sweat and that means keeping hydrated, I realize this was posted some time ago and I hope you are feeling better by now.

take ibuprofen and then put a cool compress (rag with cold water) on your head. get into bed and drink LOTS of water!

Feel Better!

You have a severe fever and from this you are getting dizzy, this is not good!Get medical attention immediately. Till then get some Tylenol the active ingredient Acetaminophen it's a pain reliever this should bring fever down.If can't use this try Ibuprofen, Advil any aspirin free pain reliever will do the trick.
Try a luke warm shower Not hot Not cold you don't want to have chills. Most effective way to bring fever down, waters runs over the body at same rate and cools it down.
Try an ice pack place near small of back there is less blood in this part of back and is more comfortable than head, this may only maintain it.
Can drink ginger tea and ginger ale. this helps bring fever down for some.
Stay away from TVs and other high contrasts this causes head aces.
Place ice cold cloth to fore head neck front and back under arm pits and other spots where heat rests.

mickey g
please visit a doctor as soon as possible, may be just now, for u dont know the reason of ur fever, that is to be diognised only than u can get a proper medicine. in the mean time u can take a paracetamol tab for fever relife

Aspirin (if over the age of 16) or tylenol. You should see the doctor if you have been running a fever more than a few days. There is lots of stuff going around...

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