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 What Is The Symptons Of Swine Flu ?

 i have pus coming out my big toe on the side. what kind of infection could that be?

 Quick question about the HIV/AIDS virus?
Quick question about the AIDS virus?
If you recently took a blood test and they have accepted your donation without an issues does that mean that you are not infected with AIDS
When they ...

 how can my 8yr old get over gastro FAST?, and not SPREAD IT TO US?
MY POOR SON has vomited 6 times and diareahhed 5 times in the past 4 hours, my other child has a vomit phobia and vomited cos she was so nervous about her brother giving it to her- she literally made ...

Ok i just got over pink eye well i still kind of have it but it pretty much gone. My right eye was the infected one and now everything is very blurry. I did put my contacts in 2 days earlier than i ...

 what makes a disease a plague?
so what makes osmething a plague?
What does it need to have?...

 I got swine flu while going to camp and now i have to go to a mission trip in a week, can i go?
I got swine flu yesterday after coming home from camp and i have to go on a mission trip in about a week, will i be better by then so i can go?
Additional Details
i mean the regular ...

 why do some people catch cold easily and others don't?

 will swine flu come to ireland?

 Do any other countries have any deaths from the swine flu or just mexico?

 Do I have strep?????
I have a sore throat for 2 days now. It feels the best when I'm eating/drinking, but it hurts to swallow saliva and it starts to burn if i go outside. I also have a slight cough and a 100.4 ...

 Anyway to get rid of pink eye fast?
I got the pink eye on Sunday morning (12-7-08) when I woke up.

Went to the doctor the following morning and got the drops, been using them 3 times a day for the past 3 days.

My ...

 How likely is it that i've contracted something from a scratch from a needle?
I work at a fast food place and was putting a garbage bag from a bin i had changed into the garbage compactor when i scratched myself on something in the bin...how likely is it that it is a syringe ...

 How can you prevent MRSA at a slumber party?
I have an assignment on how to take precautions to stop MRSA at a slumber party....

 is there a very bad flu/cold virus /chest infection doing the rounds at the moment?
In hertfordshire E...

 I'm a bit scared about this new flu...?
My family and I are going to Mexico in a few months and I'm just really paranoid about the swine flu. D; Im a person who gets scared easily. Should I be scared about this?...

 I Think I Have Swine Flu!?
on tuesday night i felt kinda sick like with a flu and then at 3am i woke up shivering although i had a thick long sleeve shirt on and a very warm bed. then the next morning at around 7:30 i was ...

 Do children get ibs he only four?
my little boy is always goes to the toilet a lot with is stools .He had a stool test and every thing was ...

 When will the swine flu be gone and stop spreading?
I need some good advice and a few more information about this swine flu. When will it stop spreading all over the world? It is already spreading and I want it to stop before my pen pal go to Mexico. H...

 what shape are my eyes? (picc)?
What shape are my eyes?

i know i have posted this already not long ago but i only got one answer that said almond shaped eyes... is this right?

i know i have gross eyes and one ...

How much urine and bleach can u mix before it kills you?
Lol, erm, just wondering how much you can mix urine and bleach before it intoxiacates you and when it does what the symptoms are, i was unaware that urine contains amonia and that amonia and bleach is toxic, lol, and putting bleach on cats pee isnt good for you :S

Darian The D Man
Ummm if you did this to you are your cat because that was really stupit and the sytems are go to the doctor now or DIE lol

Ask Kate, she feeds me

why would you want to know that ??

murderer ??

Jacob Amanda
i'm a cat... my name is fluffy. if you ever put amonia and pee on me i'd take YO *** TO 134TH STREET AND BEAT YOU WITH A TIRE IRON

Дмитрий Медведев
What an odd question.
Just jump off a tall building for goodness sakes.

Dude, totally do not mix those two. If you are looking to kill the urine smell of cats you MUST dilute one or the other with water. They react and create chlorine gas, chloramine and other noxious fumes. Accidental or deliberate mixing of bleach with fluids containing ammonia (or with acids) causes severe damage to the lungs.

Jim Crowbar
If you are drinking it it won't take much. If you are just sitting next to it, it will take a lot.

Pelle K
Since this experiment can't be ethically or legally done, maybe you should volunteer for it.


i read this and i was like holy crap! lol. i honestly don't know for sure, but i made the same mistake just a few months ago. i assume that you mixed bleach with cat pee for cleaning purposes, like me, but i'm sure you'll be fine. i don't think there's a certain amount of time, but you'd have to be exposed to it alotttttt. i wouldn't worry about it. if however, you begin to feel nauseous or light headed often, i would recommend you go to a doctor.

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