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 I havent had the cold or a flu for 3 years. Should i be worried?
Actually i haven't been sick at all. I heard that if you never get sick you might actually be sick because you have a high white blood count.

Do you think i should go to the doctor?...

 Are you scared about swine flu?
Im really scared about it and cant live quiet... what about your opinion? I have 2 children and i cant imagine to catch it!!!!! Sorry but im really worried
Additional Details
@mana...was ...

 Do You Think It Would Be Safe To Visit NYC, Or Does It Have Swine Flu?
I'm going with some club I go to to NYC in 16 days, and we're wondering if it is safe to go to, since there were many cases reported in that area. Is there a big chance we could get ...

 Is there a possibility that i might have swine flu?
I have:

-Sore throat.
-Body is a little sore.
-Very sleepy.

Should i be concerned and make a doctor's appointment?...

 Why would lung dieases be more common in a large uban area than a remote rural area?
question says it ...

 should i go to school ?
2 people have swine flu in my school and they are at home being treated but i dont want to risk it, the cleaners are crap and im allowed to stay off but will i be in trouble ?
Additional D...

 can you name a virus?
where you can go to work or school but are very tired and can not participate in extra activities?...

 what is the relationship between tonic water and malaria?


 What temp would be considered a dangerous fever?
If the person's temp is 104(in adult). Is that too high? It's only been for a short period....

 How is the swine flu continually making headline?
OMG RUN FOR THE HILLS! The 10th person has died while having the virus. That's 10/300000000. .000000033 or .000003% of the US population....Not to mention everyone who died from it had other ...

 Is there any one here who has swine flu?? lol?
Like has anyone got a really bad cold!! that means u hav swine flu lol

 Is the swine flu virus a new thing or has it been around before this year?

 There has barely been anything about the Swine Flu in the news for a month or so,and suddenly its a pandemic?
do you agree with this or do you think its ridiculous?...

Last night, I felt cold and hot and this morning, i'm starting have diarrhoea. I knew the food that I ate wouldn't be the cause. What other causes could cause this? And how can it be ...

 are you a swine if you catch the H1N1?
errr....dee tails? well i was kinda asking if you grow a pigtail or something,,,...

 can u get HIV from swallowing some ones blood tahts has HIV??
can u get HIV from swallowing some ones blood thats has HIV??...

 hep C positive, heavy drinker? 10 points..?
i just found out about my hepatits, i suspect i had for for about a year or two. in that time i drank a rediculous amount of alcohol, and i still do. i'm very young (17) and i like to drink.. ...

 I was diagnosed with swine flu on tuesday, now I feel better, was it actually swine flu?

 swine flu question???
ok so my friend just told me that she has swine flu. I hung out with her yesterday and we shared food, drinks, and she even used my chapstick. Does this increase my risk of getting it? im not scared ...

How do u know if u have strep throat?

you will wake up like I did with a pain in your throat like you have not experienced before, its not like a normal sore throat from a cold or whatever, its painful to talk and especially painful to swallow, even water is difficult, you will feel miserable and tired, but the pain in the throat will keep you awake, you will have to keep your fluids up or you can get dehydrated , go and see a doctor they can examine you, take a swab and give you antibiotics.

natalie k
you have white phlem/ mucus build on by your lymph notes

One Love
If your tonsils or the back of your throat is covered in white stuff.

Mel Mel
abrupt onset of sore throat, fever, malaise, nausea, and headache

throat red and edematous, with or without exudate; cervical nodes tender.

Diagnosis confirmed by culture of throat.

Temperature of > 38 degrees Celsius

Ariel L
some symptoms are your throat hurting, with a headache

i would go to your doctor, and have them swab your throat, to be sent to the lab

Hi. You don't. The only way that it can be properly diagnosed is through a throat culture done at your doctor's office.

Some symptoms are: severe sore throat, a fever, being extremely tired.

However, again, you cannot know for certain. It needs to be run through a lab, and then you will be prescribed an antibiotic by your physician.

If you have strep throat, you will have trouble eating because it is very painful to swallow.

The only true way is for a doctor to do a throat culture, but I know when my kids have it because when I look down their throat I see white spots. Sometimes at the end of their tongue is a more reddish part also. My kids get it a lot and I did as a kid, so I can spot it a mile away :)

Well when I was littler I had it (*ALL THE TIME*) probably the most likely symptoms would be (1. sore throat (2. fever (3.aching all over (4. sleepy/drowsy (5. red throat (inside)!

sore throat and fever

GO TFC!!!!!!!
Ok. So, and I Quote from the textbook:

"Strep throat is a bacterial infection of the throat. It is spread by droplets coughed or breathed or sneezed into the air. Symptoms may include a sore throat, fever, a general feeling of illness, and enlarged lymph nodes on the neck. An untreated strep throat infection may lead to serious complications such as inflammation of the kidneys or rheumatic fever, which can cause permanent heart damage. Strep throat can be cured with antibiotics."

The sooner you get it treated, the better. See the symptoms section above.
Hope this helps :)

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