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Yahzmin (US)
How do I wash my hair if I have shingles (herpes zoster) extending deep into my hairline?
I've just been diagnosed with shingles on my face, at the hairline and up onto my scalp. The pain is moderate right now, but I know it will worsen soon. Can I wash my hair? How and with what? What about after the vesicles start to break? I've searched on-line and can't find anything about this, oddly enough.

Miss Mae
I know that to hot or to cold water with be excrutiatingly painful. Put your head back as far as possible and pour tepid water so that it doesn't run down your face or body.

I am so sorry to hear you have shingles, they hurt so much. Follow doctor's orders as best you can. Get your immune system up. B vitamins in a balanced supplement will help. Liquid are better than tablets. Nothing but time will cure it. Oatmeal helps some people with the pain and itch.

Tashi Delek
Be very careful. I would put a call in to the doctor who diagnosed you and ask her/him what to do.

Make sure you take your meds ....the Shingles are on your face and that is very close to your eyes and I don't think that you need to be reminded of that.

I am so sorry, I get Shingles too and I know how painful it is. I am thinking about getting the vaccine.

rene c
Sorry, this may not answer your question.

I'm just concerned about your medications to it.
To share my experiences of treating it effectively, although I'm not a doctor but I just wonder if you have the three plants available in your area (calachuchi, clover, snake vine)

In a pharmacy course,the students uses the sap of these plants (stem of calachuchi, roots of clover plant and stem of snake vine). They are mixed and formed into an ointment with petrolatum base. You may research on how it is prepared or seek the guidance of a pharmacist or herbalist

It's very effective in just one application of the ointment into the affected area of shingles. About 3-4 hours, the inflamed shngles will dry-up and it will be practically healed in the next day.

This was experienced with my son who got shingles about 8 years ago, He had a very speedy healling. This was also experienced by another two neighbors who got shingles and were cured immediately using the leftover ointment preparation.

Maybe it's good to do more research on how these three components be prepared and be done.It's also good if there will be further (Chemistry and Biology) scientific studies on it.

So if the shingles inflammation is cured speedily, maybe your problem of washing your hair will no longer pose any problem.

Hope this help.


As far as I know, you can shampoo with a gentle cleanser, such as baby shampoo, during the entire outbreak. Make sure the lather doesn't get into your eyes as it may carry the virus. The affected areas of skin should be kept clean.

You can always contact the provider who diagnosed you for more information. Oddly enough, many people don't do that.

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