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 Suceptibility of swine flue in Australia?
Hey =)

I was just wondering if the chances of catching the swine flu in Australia are high?

Also why is everyone freaking about so much about it? Someone once told me that you ...

 how to stop this swine flu from spreading?

 From CIA insider: More scheduled global hoaxes: equine flu (2010) canine flu (2012)?


2012: THE CANINE FLU where you croak not because the sun goes supernova but because Fluffy and Fido give you the ...

 why is it that even a hep c treatment won't get rid of hep c?

 how long do colds last? or is this something else?
i have been coughing up lots of mucius for about a month and a half i have been to the doctor like 6 times literally and i feel like its just a cold i mean runny nose constantly and stuffy head and ...

 Is it possible to get chiken pox twice?
I had it once when i was 14 and I was extremely ill with it, I'm just conserned I might get it again....

 Is the H1N1 vaccine ready to be released this early!?
I have done some research on this new vaccine.
My parents r forcing me to get this vaccine but i am not allowing it simply because of the research i have done and i need someone to back me up or ...

 What movie does the swine flu remind you off?
"I am Legend" is what I keep on thinking of just in a smaller scale, and not spreading as quickly, and of course without the monsters....

 My mother has to have a Liver Biopsy. She is afraid. How much pain will she go through?

 My buddy has a staff infection on his thigh, what should he do?
He has been to a clinic, and he says its getting worser after they gave him some antibiotics. Could he die from this(so I've heard) He can barely ...

 What's the best thing for a sore throat?

 whats the difference?
what is the difference between seasonal flu, severe cold and swine flu?
Additional Details
what about the diff b/t those and the swine ...

 What is the difference between H1N1 and the regular flu?

 I've treated for pinworms, but symptoms are still occurring?
I had pinworms when I was a little girl. Recently, I've been experiencing the same symptoms.... the itchiness. However, I haven't actually seen any worms. When I had them as a child, I saw ...

 How many people get the regular flu in the US each year?
An argument stating the swine flu is overhyped said the US has had only 1 death out of the 91 people infected, and then compared that to 800 people dying each week from the regular flu (even though ...

 What are the seven ways you can protect yourself & others from deadly hugs?
List them....

 Is Indian Government badly failing to fight swine flu?
Many people have died but there have been no ad. campaign from Indian Government about how to prevent swine flu(if there is one, please let me know).

More over our uneducated very smart ...

 Swine flu out of proportion?
It all went up in the air when the Internet checklist started giving people with colds the thought that they had H1N1.. Along with the ceasing of lab sample testing.

My friend is a nurse ...

 Can Mono Spread Through Dried Blood?
Can you get mono by touching dry blood that came from someone who has mono?...

 studying abroad. Swine flu?
I am studying abroad [UK] this Autumn and i am actually shocked with the swine flu. How am i gonna travel in the airplane and in the crowd etc :S i am scared. Someone to comfort me with little ...

How can i get myself clean from a drug test?
People has been telling me Cranberry Juice and Green Tea works, What should i do? I have a drug test tomorrow but i haven't smoke for 1 week and yesterday i took like 4 puffs little ones though. what should please help me. I'm weigh less than 120 high metabolism.

There's pills you can get that will make you drink TONS of water to flush out any sign of that on a drug test. I'm not sure about where you live, but over here we can get them at any local drug store or some grocery stores :P

it is possible to pass, but its going to take some work that will not be fun haha. the chemical they are testing for is not actually thc or the cannabanoids, but actually the chemical after it gets processed in your body and then it stores in your fat cells. so since its in your fat cells, if you do cardio for like 4 hours then you should pass, running on a treadmill would be ok but if you could use an oliptical (spelling?) would be better because its a full body workout, a rowing machine would be good as well. needless to say you need to drink a lot of water as well especially the day of the drug test so that you flush out your kidneys, you could also spend 50$ on one of those detox drinks that from what i hear work pretty well, also to everyone who says its bad, alcohol is worse for you and the responsible use of pot is perfectly fine

Nothing you eat or drink will clear marijuana out of your system that fast. It will be detectable in your system for about 30 days. You will not pass the drug test. Marijuana is illegal. The best thing for you to do is to admit that you have been using so that you can get help to stop.

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