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 What should I do if I have the flu and my roommate still wants to have people stay in our room?
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 who Else's is dyeing from a cold or flu cos i am dyeing from a cold?

Additional Details
well i am fecking dyeing from the cold, ALL RIGHT...

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 How to heal Swine flu faster?
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How can I catch a cold without being around someone else with a cold?

through the air you breathe and not washing your hands.

Depending on the weather outside taking a warm shower then running outside in boxershorts in the cold can sometimes work.

maybe even just being all warm and rugged up then going outside in the cold.

Getting sick other ways can include bad food such as undercooked chicken.

Im wondering if you got a cold or want to get one?

Low immune system. Take vitamins, eat healthy. Stay warm in cool weather.
I believe some disorders and medications can make you more susceptible to bacterias that can grow in your mouth area. IE: Strep throat.
Go to your doctor frequently to get check ups and make sure everything is running smoothly.
A minor cold shouldn't be a problem, nothing some over the counter drugs won't cure within a week.
Hope this helps :)

People incubate a cold for a few days before it actually breaks and you get symptoms. By the time the symptoms have appeared, that person isn't infectious any more. The way you actually catch a cold isn't from someone who actually HAS a cold, but from someone who is about to get one.

So find someone who has been around someone who is about to come down with a cold!!

EDIT - To all the people saying you can catch a cold from going from cold to hot.... This is an old wives tale that has continued much longer than most! A cold is a infection - you can't get an infection from anything other than being exposed to the infection! Going from hot to cold can exacerbate the symptoms, but without the germs, you wont catch one!

Cassie R
Not unless healthy people around you have been around other people with colds.

From what i have read you can be within 100 metres of someone with a cold and catch it, so technically you aren't really around them.

Jess A
In the air, its very easily to catch a cold

Norma DePlume
By picking up germs off things they have touched. E.g. person sneezes on their hand then they open a door. Then you open the same door and sit down and eat your sandwich. So revolting to think about.

Its common to catch a cold from simply going from cold to hot quickly.

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