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 Yeast Infection on antibiotics?
I got antibiotics for a UTI on friday. On sunday I started getting really itchy down there but I just thought it was because my period had started the day before. This morning when I woke up I ...

 Help! I need my typhoid (etc) inoculations before Sunday but my gp's too busy! How else can i have them?

 is H1N1 still a problem or has it passed?
I didnt get a vaccenne thingy cause I dont feel like im in the high risk population. I do have ashma but ive never been hospitilized for it or anything so it isnt too bad. I have a pretty severe ...

 Quick! What's the coolest infectious disease
I need to do a project for school and we get to pick our favorite infectious disease... what's the coolest one?...

 Is the SWINE FLU what humanity needs to survive?
Human growth is consuming earths resources at an alarming rate! 90% of earths produce is consumed by the top 10% of the worlds population. We have reached the limits of growth.
Is half the ...

 Can I get chicken pox even if i had vaccine?
My friend has chicken pox and I'm scared that I may be infected because we are staying on the same floor. I am not seeing her since she got sick. Should I transfer to different floor? What are ...

 What's the deal with cold sores?
A while ago I had a small bump on my lip. It was practically invisible. I mean the color was exactly like that of my lip. I started picking at it. It came off after a little while. My sister said it ...

 What could i be suffering from?
I have this discharge and they don't stop they smell bad,it's been weeks.Could this be serious?...

 my brother has a cd4 count of 53, a viral load of 636,000 and pneumocystis, what's his survival chances?

 Does any of you have swine flu too?
yesterday my doctor told me i had a mild case of the swine flu. do any of yall got it too?...

 Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus?
Has anyone known someone with drug resistant staph blood infection (toxic shock syndrome/MRSA) and been able to defeat it? How did they overcome this serious infection? We are currently looking at C...

 I have nits, how can i pass it on to everyone in my school easily?
Well, i got nits last year, there not spreadin i think they are attached to me, how do i spread them pls??...

 What is the most deadly thing on this list?
A Nuclear Detonation
Ebola Virus
George W. Bush's Southern Fried Ribs Restaurant C...

 When in the past has the swine flu been around?
i heard people got it in the 70's. is that true?...

 how many times is it normal to catch a cold?
Since my little boy started nursery in september i have had 4-5 colds. Is this normal?...

 I am sick, should I still go to work today?
I am 18 and I have only been working at my job for 4 days. (Radioshack)

Today I have to work from 2pm to 8pm.

I woke up this morning with a very sore throat, runny nose and I...

 What happen or can you, if you take an expired Amoxicillin (antibiotic)?
I got a bacterial eye infection...and theres no way i can see a doctor or get a prescription for a new drug
so im using my old ones that i found..its only 3 months after its expired. is that ...

 Why are so many people completely dismissive of the swine flu?
I understand that it hasn't been very lethal yet, but do people not understand that that the death rate isn't what scares the scientists who are issuing warnings? It is the rate of ...

 What should i do if i stepped on a rusty nail?
I hopped to the bathroom with one leg and cleaned the wound and put alcohal and neosporin with a band aid. I did a little research and found that this situation can cause Tetanus. So, I went through ...

 Does your family have a pandemic action plan?
if so, what is it?
what should i keep in my home just in case?
i have a 1 yr old and a 2yr old, my husbands co-worked just returned from mexico so i am getting prepared for the worst........

I Eat Boys >:P
How Can I Give Myself Horrible Food Poisoning FAST and EASY? or at least just to get really really sick!?
Before y'all go off telling me not to do it or how u think I'm "mentally ill" and I need to get help I'm also not doing this to "get back" at someone... I actually have a serious reason to why I NEED food poisoning!!
Please, if its possible, are there any vegetarian suggestions? If not, that's ok I guess and maybe not the grossest thing you could think of! Please tell me every way you can think of for me to get horrible food poisoning NOW or any other ways to make myself really really sick!!
I only wanna see answers for this question... not anyone giving me advice or telling me all the nasty OPINIONS you have on me because I honestly don't give a crap if your just a b*tch who just wants someone to nag at so hold your tongue if you have uneeded things to say cos I have good reasons for this and need all the help I can get, thanks :D

If you leave meat/food out for along time (like over night and uncovered) and if you eat undercooked meat.

drink sour milk
eat moldy bread
eat a bananas husk
eat a lot of Chocolate
Eat boys lol
thats it ( i like your name lol)


Joseph the Second
Here's the "Problem" : There's a VERY high risk of DEATH- when you get food poisoning... And since there's NO WAY of "controlling" how Sick you would Get from being Poisoned- you might actually end up accidentally committing "Suicide" by trying to poison yourself !!! So try to think about it "alittle more"- before you finally find a way to do it... After all, it might be the LAST Thing- you ever Do... .. . :o

Fia G
perhaps leave cheese out all night, then eat it...

eat a couple raw eggs (depends what kind of vegetarian you are, some can;t eat eggs, some can)

or if you just wanna throw up, mix salt in with water, and chug it all

...or ...make some kind of weird drink... like with: water, ketchup, sugar, vinegar, relish, lemon juice, flour, (be creative... trust me...my brother's friend did this at a restaurant, and he went home immediately, throwing up, but i'm not sure how long it lasted)

.....can't think of any others that would be vegetarian....

tampering with food poising can very easily kill you. people die every day from this sort of thing. there is no logical reason to induce food poisoning. if you need to throw up epicac will do it safely but seriously just stick your fingers all the way down your throat and move them all around quickly. they have to go deep. youll throw up. but for Gods sake dont give yourself food poisoning. youd be safer snorting meth than tampering with this sort of thing

You my dear..are an idiot.

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