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 Swine Flu vaccine..yes or no..your opinion ?
I just have this gut feeling..that tells me ..to say no to this vaccine..what about you..how do you feel?
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i know..thats insane..i just can't believe it! I am so ...

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please no ...

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 Do you believe these new diseases are released by drug companies so they can make millions selling Vaccines?
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 I took xanax, and also got a swine flu shot. am i going to die.?
yes? no?...

Help me i'm scared!!!!?
Hi i'm getting my tetnus shot that we have to get in Ontario in order to stay in high school!!!
Well i hate shots i'm terrified of them i shake and freak out sometimes!!
I'm 15!

Sarah M

just don't look at it when they are giving the shots.. it's not really painful.

I used to be afraid too. But that time, I looked into the needle, how it shot into my arm o-o. Funny, I didn't feel any pain. I went home happily after that :)

There is not much you can do.
But think what might happen if you dont get the shout
You can get sick.

Cristiano R
oh, hahaha! u don't need to be scared, just one second hurt, don't pay attention when they shot, just see behind!

Phoenix / Deity
Take a few Chamomile pills. You can find them in most all drug stores over the counter. Try one first to make sure you don't have any adverse effects then when it's time to get the shot take 4 or so. When you're ready to get the shot have a friend or parent slap your leg just as they jab the needle into your wimpy flesh !

PS. Chamomile tea isn't as effective unless you want to drinks several gallons of it. Also, check into what the shot is like. That might be the one you can't feel at all.

oh what a litttle girl, shots are cool, giving blood is even cooler because the needle is bigger and thicker
shots dont' even hurt, i could barely feel them, i just got one the other day for my allergies (on my buttcheek), it was kinda numb afterwards lol, but they don't hurt
i'm 17!

Chelle. :)
Squeeze your mom's hand. I'm also terrified of shots and it works every time for me. ;]

Close your eyes, and squeze your hand. If you can't squeze your hand then bit your tounge (BUT NOT TO HARD) and make sure you don't think about it and most importantly DON'T LOOK AT IT!

Does anyone like shots? I don't think so, but we all react differently. I try to stay calm, close my eyes and imagine I'm somewhere else.. it's over before you know it.

My dear friend, I used to be the same way, Now I look the other way and pretend I'm some where else. GOD Bless you.

Everyone in my family has had one,It does hurt for a few seconds it feels like a Bee sting or someone has pinched real hard,Just look away as they are doing the shot and talk to the Nurse or the Dr while they are doing .Good Luck and it will be over before you know it.

Capt. Morgan
It's not so bad.
Look away,
think about something else.
Think about what you'll do the rest of the day, or talk to the doctor while he does it.
That's what I did last time, and I asked him when this was going to be over and he already had the shot done and stuck and band-aid on.

it will be OK, I know they hurt sweetie. I hate needle sticks too and I am 43!!! LOL, I actually push my thumb nail into my pointer finger while they inject. It;s OK it will be done in a blink of an eye! Don't be scared, talk to god when your scared, he will give you strength to get through about anything if you just ask him!
Good luck sweetie! You'll do fine now I am sure!

Just try to pay attnention to something else.. when you do that you won't even know you're getting one.. I don't like shots either..

there is nothing 2 b worried about close ur eyes and try not 2 scream

when you get the shot listen to ipod/mp3 player count to 25

Look away,it will reduce your fear of needles :).That's what I did and my doctor did it in a blink of a eye!

Just look out a window, breath slowly, think about something else, and before you know it it'll be over.

Mr. Hat & Clogs
Shots are not that bad. Just breathe and try to focus on something in the room. Try bringing a friend and talk about something engaging.

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