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Sal Gal
Has anyone else gotten really sick a few days after taking the flu shot?

♥♥Miss Kitty♥♥
The flu shot is the flu, basically. So many people get ill after the intial shot but you won't get it as bad. They give you the flu to keep it away. Crazy but true..

Basically the flu shot is a low dose of the Flu... If your immune system is not all that great you can get sick from it. Lots of people do. My son has never gotten one because if he has a runny nose or anything the doc wont give it to him in fear of him getting the flu un-neccesarily.

hepmom at it again
the flu shot is NOT a low does of the flu virus or a less active form of the virus. It is DEAD virus. The flu shot cannot, in anyway give you the flu. Your body is responding to the proteins on the outside of the virus particle, it is not actually fighting off a low grade infection.

Meanwhile, for all of you out there that would like to continue to say that the flu shot got you sick, go get the nasal spray vaccine. The spray, unlike the shot, does contain live attenuated (weakened) virus. Then you can say that the vaccine got you sick (which it may or may not do) with out sounding silly and uninformed to those of us who have experience with viruses and vaccines. (And that wasn't meant to be mean.... I was one of you once!)

yes. I took the flu shot and a day later I felt so sick.
After that I was sick for the rest of the week and a couple days after. It wasn't a good experience. You have to make sure when you go to get your flu shot that the vaccine is an inactivated vaccine . Make sure that it is because your immune system might not be able to fight against the actual living vaccine.

Alex S
It's not uncommon for people to feel sick after getting a flu shot, especially if they have a weak imune system.

The shot is actually a much weaker version of the thing that's causing the sickness, the body can more easily make antibodies against it so it will remember what to do when the real thing get's into your body.

I have a sister that has gotten sick several times in the last few years after taking the flu shot. I heard the shot is the flu virus injected into your system so your body can start producing antibodies to fight it. You may want to ask a health professional about this.

Regardless of what you are told, the flu shot does NOT have an actual flu strain in it!! It is a preventative of the flu...not the actual flu...and has absolutely no live strain of flu in it. People who report getting sick/the flu after receiving the vaccine are victims of germs, not a vaccine!

My partner had a flu jab about 3 weeks ago (being an asthmatic), about 3 days later he started to feel ill. He is now on his second course of antibiotics and is steadily feeling worse. He is wheezing, coughing up green phlegm, day and night, so is getting very little sleep. His chest is tight and very sore on his right side and he is tired and weak.. Reading up on various sites, he has probably got chronic bronchitis or COPD - perhaps a virus as it's not clearing up with antibiotics. I am at my wits end at what to do for the best. Night time is the worst, as he's dreading not being able to sleep. I have said if hes no better tomorrow we ought to go to the hospital as I'm running out of things to try.


Everyone does, its normal.


A lot of people have gotten really sick after taking the flu shot. Drink plenty of fluids and lots of vitamin C and you will be fine.

Yes. The flu shot is a dead virus and doesn't in itself give you the flu... however it makes your immune system very busy building up immunity to the flu so therefore your body gets weak and very susceptible to any other virus you happen to come across before your immune system is actually finished dealing with the vaccine. There is no other explanation for all of the people that get sick after the flu shot. It is too much of a coincidence that it is in no way related.

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