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Food poisoning from undercooked chicken?
I made some chicken and assumed it was done (big mistake) and started eating it. It tasted a little weird, but I didn't think it was because it was underdone. I then went to cut it (I was using my fingers before) and all the juices were pink, which obviously meant it wasn't cooked. I stopped eating it after that but I had already eaten most of it. What are the chances I'm going to get food poisioning and when would I start feeling the effects? Also on average how long does it last? (I started feeling sick a couple minutes ago and I only ate it about 20 minutes ago.)

I agree with the previous poster that 20 minutes is really too soon for a bona fide bacterial infection to show.

However, I disagree with a previous poster about the degree to which the chicken is cooked being an indicator of it being probably OK.

Salmonella is a concern, but the bigger organism of concern here is Campylobacter. It survives very well in the refrigerator (we use cold incubation to help grow it while inhibiting other enteric organisms).

Chicken must be fully cooked (inside and out) to be considered safe to eat. Organisms from the chicken's gut can be introduced to deeper parts of the meat just by the handling, cutting and preparation of the chicken at the slaughter-house. In addition, handling at home (further cutting and manipulation) can also introduce pathogenic bacteria further into the deep tissues.

I don't think you're sick from the chicken within 20 minutes other than just having your stomach turned by the thought of eating raw chicken. However, continue to monitor your symptoms. Abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea later into the day or night may indicate that you need medical help.

Good luck!

food poisoning can take several hours at least to develop. If you feel ill very quickly there is something major wrong. Under cooked chicken is not harmful in itself, its just that cooking will kill any bacteria that may have been on it.

I doubt you would get ill from just eating undercooked chicken if it was properly stored after purchasing it .

Denise J
You don't get food poisoning for about 12 hours. And with food poisoning it is gone as quickly as you get it. I think you are feeling sick because you know the chicken wasn't cooked properly. It's not food poisoning if you ate the chicken 20 minutes ago and you are already sick.

You are fine. Your chicken isn't going to kill you just because it was a little pink inside.

Not every underdone chicken has poisonous bacteria in it. You just cook things like chicken and pork all the way through to minimize the chances. I'd stop worrying coz you're probably giving yourself psychosomatic sickness just by being stressed about it. Usually, it's around 4 hours that food poisoning hits you anyways. 20 minutes later...? It's probably in your head.

its all in your head........ your looking at hours instead of minutes to get sick.

Food poisoning generally takes 6-72 hrs from the ingestion of contaminated food to the onset of symptoms. While eating undercooked chicken is one of the most common ways of getting Salmonella (and other bacteria that cause food poisoning), you probably are ok. Since it was still slightly cooked, your chances of getting sick are lower. There is a higher risk of bacteria being on the outside of the piece of chicken than the inside. Since the chicken was somewhat coooked. The bacteria on the outside were most likely killed. If you feel sick and the next day or two, then you might have picked up something, but I wouldn't be too worried.

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