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 would a high temperature cause someone to take pins and needles and cramps in hands and feet?

 Gestation Period for strep throat and another strep question?
What is the time frame in developing symptoms once you have been in contact with someone that has strep throat?

Last Wed I was working with a student and today my son tested positive for ...

 Did nature valley have any peanut butter recalls?
Did nature valley have any peanut butter recalls?
I was wondering If Nature Valle' Sweet & Salty Nut Peanut Butter granola bars were safe to eat or if they got recalled due to the ...

 If your exposed to hep b by someone who has chronic hepatitis b will you get chronic hepb right away?
or does it start out as acute and then progreess into chronic and how long does the vaccination last. If you get the vaccination within a matter of days after your exposed does that make a ...

 Why is spleen pain so common,specially when you exercise?
I have found out some of my friends also have spleen pains, most of the time after exercise or running, other right after eating like myself, why is this, and how can you prevent these pains?...

 How to get sick in 1 day for 4 days?
very important wanna miss the most important test of my LIFE so i can revise more PLZZZ my life and career is at stake!
Additional Details
btw zeena im balancing work and my study OK ****...

 Foods that are best for ulcer recovered patients?
Thanx and rewards.....

 could u name a neurological disease in which patient be shocked as a reason of fear or exciting phenomena?

 Yeast infection questions...?
i'm doing a report on candidasis (commonly called a yeast infection) for my science class i was wondering if anyone who has had a yeast infection could answer the folowing couple of questions...<...

 can I eat chicken during chicken pox?

 mononucleosis Question?
I know someone who was recently diagnosed with Mono. At first she was just tired and what now, But now she has a really hard time breathing at night. When she starts to fall asleep she will wake up ...

 Swine Flu (h1n1) Will we have to wear protective masks too?
I live in Los Angeles and ive been hearing a lot about the flu spreading, and how you should avoid contact with many people, stay home, use sanitizers .. etc.. problem is, I am 17, I work and go to ...

 What alcohol poisoning?
what is it? im only 13 so i don't understand what it means? What could happen to you if you get medical treatment in time?...

 My Friend Has Food Poisoning - PLEASE HELP?
About 2 or 3 days ago, my friend ate a rotten apple, and got food poisoning. He was throwing up like crazy, but it stopped for about a day.
Then today, he told me he was throwing up again, and ...

 Can anyone help me answer this question? Thank you!?
Why are law enforcement officers and firefighters at increased risk for infection by blood-borne pathogens?...

 Can you survive from anthrax?

 Is it normal to have fatigue with a cold?
I can barely keep my eyes open in the afternoons the past couple ...

 what is hiv and what i the average life span if affected?

 H1N1 swine flu vaccine side effects :( scared?
i just got the swine flu vaccine yesterday @ school and last night when i tried to eat something my stomache killed me... i also got a headache right after the shot and my stomache hurt and i was ...

 Tongue infection. How long will it last?
k. i just tried to pierce my tongue with a needle. I was just bored and decided to try it. i got half way through it and it was bleeding a bit and didn't hurt at all. it didn't go fully ...

Does keeping a window open really kill germs?
Hi! My brother has been sick with a cold and flu and someone at work told me that if you keep a window open that it will kill the germs and get the germs out or something like that? Anyway, is this really true?


Cold and flu viruses can survive in cold conditions and when humidity is low because they take up residence in the nasal passages, about 91 degrees F, and because low humidity creates dry membranes making it easier for viruses to take hold. About the open window -- not true.

Some folks think opening windows to "air" out a house after an illness will help but opening a window to "kill germs" isn't going to work.

No - this is not true. The only way to kill germs is with a virucide which mostly only hospitals use.

not realy but an inclosed warm room is a breeding ground for many nasties and fresh air is always good
so it wont kill them but it will slow them down
also hanging an oinion cut in half traps bacteria

warrior soul
NO but keeping windows shut 24/7 helps them breed within the closed atmosphere, and if the air is moisture rich, it makes it even more of a breeding ground for viruses and bacterium.

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