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 ear piercing infection, confused, please help?
case: ear piercing infection
place: right ear lobe only
symptoms: drainage, soreness
type of earrings: 14k gold
date of piercing: about 2 months ago, march break

so, it&...

 if you had MRSA in the past what are the chances it will come back?
I had MRSA in december/january and it was very painful and I had to be hospitalized for three days. I'm scared it's going to come back...what are the chances it will?...

 what is pelvic lymphocele?

 cold and sickness bug?
hi there

my daughter had a sickness bug on sat, i have the cold but today i got sent home from work feeling really sick. When i get a tummy bug i need to go to a&e as i cannot stop ...

 what"s different between humen brain & animals ?

 help!!! i think im getting the flu?
i think im getting the flu
-light sore throat
-runny nose
-maybe soon to come flu

i was sick two weeks ago and now im sick again how is this?

can ...

 my sister was telling me this story about her friend getting the flu and...?
losing a ridiculous amount of weight.
just out of curiousity we were wondering what's the most amount of weight you guys have lose while sick with the flu?...

 Do i have leprosy? I really need to know?
I know now that you can get leprosy from armadillos, but i did not know this yesterday. Yesterday i caught this armadillo and was messing with it. I scraped off a little black section on its skin. ...

 Has anyone else gotten really sick a few days after taking the flu shot?

 How do I numb my throat? I have a severe strep throat pain. I haven't been able to sleep for about 3 days ?
I've been to the doctor and that didn't help. She just gave me antibiotics. The pain seems like it's getting stronger everyday. She told me not to come back in and let the antibiotics ...

 why a hospital stay is often unpleasant for the patient?

 Questions about a cold?
I have a cold and some things don't make sense...
*I started with the sore throat yesterday morning so over 24 hours ago, and yet I still don't have a runny/blocked nose... Is it ever ...

 My 3 month old son has Cellulitis...?
we went to the ER tonight to find this out... He gave me a antibiotic to treat it. But what else can i do? He is real fussy, and i can tell it hurts him... anything that you guys know of that can ...

 how do i know if i have mono?
i have been sick a few days and now i have a little sore right in the roof of my mouth and my throat is sore, but ive only made out with my boyfriend whats going on? and is mono contagious?...

 My Boyfriend Is Very Sick...Please Help?!?
For the past week or so my boyfriend (Daniel) has been very sick.

Daniel's symptoms include heavy migraines, his eyes getting very red and they start tearing, being weak, getting sick ...

 gf has hep c??
my friend just found out last night, she has hep c, she couldn't figure how she'd gotten it, she doesn't use drugs, had a transfusion, etc.
her boyfriend of 1yr said he had to ...

 what are some of the signs ans symptoms of pathogenic disease

 "Not Detected" HIV test results at 9 weeks after exposure. Test was a "HIV Antibody/Antigen". Accuracy?

 Hepatitis C Virus Survival?
How long can the Hep C Virus survive outside of the body? (eg how long would it last on a razor blade?)...

 certified diagnostician with a double speciality in infectious diseases and nephrology?
how long would i have to be in school to be a certified diagnostician with a double speciality in infectious diseases and nephrology? my mom said as long as a normal doctor but extra hard studying. ...

Dementia...how fast does it progress?
My client has had progressive dementia ever since I came on 4 months ago. What is the progressive rate? At present, she thinks her husband is her grandfather, and getting deeper into the past. Does anything think that by organizing her Kitchen, that this contributed to the progressive rate? I have a jealous caregiver who relieves me who does, and is trying to tell the family it is my fault that the client is worsening. Any comments please...


The progressive rate depends solely on the individual-- each person progresses at a different rate. You should keep things as simple and similar as possible. They often remember routines, where things go, where they place things on a day to day basis, simple tasks that never differ much, like putting on clothing the longest. By changing/rearranging things you are contributing to her being more confused than normal, not necessarily making her worse but at the same time you are not helping either. Try to keep things as simple and "similar" or unchanging as possible, this will help her more than anything!

Health professionals should work with the person and his or her family to improve mental function as much as possible. Adjustments to the home can make the person's life easier and safer. You can install handrails in showers and remove rugs to improve safety. Calendars and lists can aid memory; you can place sticky notes or signs with pictures on them around the house to help the person remember where objects are stored and to guide the person to the bathroom or kitchen.
Check this link for more info:

♫♫♫Jared (Kurt Cobain rocks!)♫♫♫
I hear there are alot of nutritional supplements one can take to halt dementia or even reverse it. I would google it. Fish Oil is good I hear. But of course, there are alot more.

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