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Can you transfer parvo from one house to another?

Donna L
Parvo is very contagious, and you will need to clean
shoes, and floors before bringing a puppy home. Make sure
the new puppy has had it's parvo shot before you bring it inside.
Bleach and water will kill the virus, but do not bring a puppy in
with out being vaccinated and your house cleaned.

i believe the parvo virus is transferred by humans , under the soles of their shoes, where the dog died should be cleaned with bleach, Clorox preferably, to be on the safe side you should clean your floors too before bringing the puppy home, and remember to take your puppy for parvo etc. shots at 6 weeks old.

No worries. The pup or other animal would have to be exposed to the ground where the infected animal was primarily kept. If the friend had the pup that died over to your home, then you may be concerned of infection of your new pup. I doubt your son is a carrier of parvo.

UNI Panther
Vets will tell you it's transferred from feces. If you have a dog that goes into someone else's yard who's dog has it and messes around with those droppings they can get it. If their dog "went" in the house, and they didn't get it cleaned properly, the germs could still be there and get tracked around. I'd clean my floors thoroughly with a bleach solution, and clean the carpets also. Check with your vet before you bring him home for more assistance.

Asterick E
It is a communicable disease (spread through direct contact) that is easily washed away, just make sure to clean up and stay hygenic.

Parvo is highly contagious to unprotected dogs, and the virus can remain infectious in ground contaminated with fecal material for five months or more if conditions are favorable. Extremely hardy, most disinfectants cannot kill the virus, however chlorine bleach is the most effective and inexpensive agent that works, and is commonly used by veterinarians.

The ease with which infection with Parvo can occur in any unvaccinated dog must be stressed. The virus is extremely hardy in the environment. Withstanding wide temperature fluctuations and most cleaning agents. Parvo can be brought home to your dog on shoes, hands and even car tires. It can live for many months outside the animal. Any areas that are thought to be contaminated with parvo should be thoroughly washed with chlorine bleach diluted 1 ounce per quart of water.

Dogs and puppies can contract parvo even if they never leave their yards. Parvo virus, despite what you might hear, is NOT an airborne virus. It is excreted in the feces of infected dogs, and if someone -- human, dog, bird, etc. -- steps in (or otherwise comes in contact with) the excrement, the possibility for contamination is great. Some people speculate that birds invading a dog's food dish can deposit the parvovirus there. If you think you may have come in contact with parvovirus, a strong solution of bleach and water does kill the virus, so you can wash your shoes and clothes, even your hands with it, to reduce the risk of infecting your dog.

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