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Can you have both pneumopathy (pneumonia) and meningitis at the same time?
And I would like to know why in both cases

Dream On Peter D.
Yes they are completely different types of diseases.Pneumonia is a respiratory disease,while meningitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane covering the brain or the spinal column.

you can have anything at the same time

two totally different types of illness. pneumonia kills lots of people every year. pneumonia is usually the secondary infection that kills so many flu victims. you can get meningitis as a stand along infection, just as the other two can be stand alone infections. i believe they are all viral infections, tho' there is a form of bacterial meningitis.


If you have Pneumococcal pneumonia, you can get pneumococcal meningitis due spread of bacteria to the brain.

udaya k
Pneumopathy is ailment of the lungs and pneumonia is a specific morbid condition of the lungs. Meningitis is inflammation of the meninges of the brain. Both conditions are not contagious or infections though some people thinks so. The bacteria or virus causing the conditions are infections or contageous and it is not necessary that the virus or bacteria should settle in the particular organ itself and infect which depends on the immune strength of each individual or the life force available in each individual which do not receive or is not suceptible to such ailments. Pneumonia could be idiopathic or due to bacteria, virus, fungus or parasite infections. In pneumonia the aleveoli is the most affected part of the lungs which is filled with pus and debris that oxydation becomes difficult leading to complications.

Viral and bacterial infections can simultaneously occur in meninges as well as lungs. But usually it do not happen so. Because to my mind, before the virus reaches the mininges either it is cleared by medicines or the pneumonia untreated kills the patient. The innumerable lymph glands around the neck make it difficult for the virus to usually penetrate the brain blood barrier. The most possible bacterial which can simultaneously attack both the meninges and the lungs should be pneumococcus or streptococcus bacteria which can infect as pneumonia (morbid condition of pneumon i.e. lungs) or it can manifest as penumococcal meningitis.

The common forms of meningitis from viruses are caused by enteroviruses, Mumps viruses, glandular fever viruses(Epestein Barr), Herpes, HIV and CMV(CytoMegalovirus) of which Epestein Barr and HIV are potentially enemites for the lungs. In the field of bacteria we have three main ones
causing meningitis i.e. meningococcal, pneumococcal and haemophilus. Of these pneumoccal may effect both meninges and manifest as pneumonia in lungs. Escherichia coli or E-Coli is another threat from the womb infection from the mother itself. Thus there is a percentage of chance to conclude that a mother having E-Coli infection if conceived may give birth to a baby with inflammation of the meninges. Meningococcal bacteria are capable of creating septicemic conditions that can also effect the lungs and get infected apart from other complications. Here the course of the ailment is from the top to bottom and not from lungs upwards. Ailments moving upwards is towards death and ailments moving downwards is towards cure. Septicemic condition there fore should be considered as an indication that we can find out a medicine to cure as the cause is shown through the symptoms. The best medicine available for Septicemia is Pyrogenum made fromt he serum of Sepsis itself. When we have that medicine it is good thing that the meninges tells us through septicemia that this is the morbidity and you now take care of it. It is a boon.

TB Meningitis is another form. Fungal meningitis is rare and found mostly in immunodeficient like those with diabetes or HIV/AIDS etc. The organisms commonly causing fungal meningitis are Cryptococcus neoformans (in cryptococcal meningitis) and Candida albicans (in candidal meningitis).

Of parasites, in particular ascariasis and some other types of worms, the eggs enter the blood stream travel through liver to lungs incubate and the worms crawl back to stomach and even upwards behind eyes and other areas. When in lungs, there are changes for peculiar kinds of pneumonia. Cina 30 in homeopathy cures this menace alongwith Sulphur 30.

To my mind vaccination and innoculations weaken the body immune system and become cause for more weakned future generation in terms of immunity to diseases and susceptibility to receive ailments and germs and parasites. The vaccines if used should be removed of its toxicity by dilution or other process acceptable to conventional system of medicine to remove its toxicity which works as side effects and killing the natural immune system of the body.

Medicines which help towards encourging, strengthening, building, concretising the life force system of the body to create a healthy body and society is possible only by medicines which support the life force and not deplete the life force. In homeopathy the following medicines do that:
for pneumonia : Arsenicum Iodide., Aconitum Nap. Antimonium Tart (for all lung ailments a fine tonic), Arsenic Album ( great medicine for Asthma and other lung ailments including infections of many kinds), Bryonia alba ( great enemy of throat infections, cough, and lung ailments, movement aggravates is its main symptom and leading symptom), Chelidonium and Lyco (strengthens the liver), Ferrum Phos (anameic conditions and all infections first stage), Ipec (where there is nausea and epistaxis, Iodium where the glands around the neck are affected. Phosphorus (upto tuberculosis), Tuberculinum (genetic factors, mutations), Kali Mur. etc.etc.

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