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 If sterility is hereditary can you pass it along to your children?

 N1H1 vaccine, is this normal?
I just got the N1H1 vaccine. Im 14 years old and the doctor sai it would be a good thing to get. I got it this morning at 9 and its been 10 hours and my shoulder...the shoulder that i got the shot in,...

 When did Swine flu hit Wisconsin?
i visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday and got sick a few days later. I thought it was just a regular head cold but now im not so sure. All the symptoms are correct, i should know when it hit M...

 What's your opinion on the Swine flu outbreak/pandemic?
Where do you think its come from? (I know its from Mexico though!)
Do you think its the end of the world?
Do you think its serious,like the Great Plague,and we'll have a world fire ...

 Do we have more types of viral diseases in this century than at any other time in history?
Let's just say pathogenic diseases in general, not just viral
Additional Details
Well, how do the numbers today compare with those a century ago? If you have links to data, please ...

 Am confused - swine flu?
Just yesterday one the news people were saying oh its not that serious blah blah but yet WHO raised the phase to level 5 which is one step away from saying its a pandemic. So does anyone else think ...

 can an infection cure itself without antibiotics?

 Do you have any good home remedies for Strep Throat? :[?
I'm a college student, and I think all the medicine I have is some Excedrin. Would my strep throat get better if I took that after every meal?

I bought some Powerade and I'm ...

 Why would anyone market a cold remedy/pill that has possible side effects of flu like symptoms?
That marketing director must've been the low bidder....

 What does it mean when your Lymphocytes are low?

 does smoking cause tonsillitis ?
i want to go to the doctors because my tonsils are red and swollen but i dont want my anyone in my family knowing ive been smoking. ive been smoking for a couple of ...

 Is the Swine Flu shot a conspiracy to brain wash all of us?
I am pretty sure the swine flu is a govt conspiracy and they created it so they could use the "vaccine" to brain wash all of us....

 What will happen when the Swine Flu combines with Boogie Fever?

Additional Details
A Flying Pig disco, Onederful!...

 I'm so scared for my eye?
Yesterday, I was at the emergency room and they discovered nothing. It's been like that for a week. At first, my vision got blurred. 5 days later, a floater in my right eye showed up for no ...

 Is there away to stop your self from getting swine flu?
Please let me know if there is away to stop your self from getting swine flu. Do you have to eat something, just be fit, get needels???? I am really scaered. I am scaered because I heard they have ...

 If a zombie virus suddenly started taking over the world?
(assuming you weren't infected) How would you defend yourself? What kind of weapon would you use? Where would you go to hide? Or would you just be like "oh well lolz" and let yourself ...

 Why does everybody get sick in the winter? Wouldn't the cold kill germs?
I've asked all my teachers and they have no clue why the "Cold & Flu Season" exists....

 why is meningitis dangerous to the brain?
i know it's the inflammation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord...but why is that bad?...

 What happens when we suffer from conjunctivitis?
i need some info for my science ...

 Glandular fever and problems swallowing ?
I was diagnosed with glandular fever approx 4 weeks ago. I think i am over the worst of it but still feel very weak(to be expected). Over the last few days i have developed a problem with my swallow. ...

Proud Stepford Wife
Can you get the flu 1 week after being exposed to it?
My baby threw up 2 times 1 week ago. He never acted sick. Now, a week later, I am feeling sick. Did I get it from him?

Grandma Pat <><
That sounds about the right time period, a week to ten days.
Sorry, but I think your little one gave you a present.

Yes. On average, a viral infection takes seven to ten days from initial contact to the patient feeling symptoms of the illness.

kathy s
Probably. Kids bring home lots of stuff.

Incubation period for things like a cold, flu, stomach virus are anywhere from 5 to 12 days, give or take a few. You could have gotten it from him, or any place else that you have come into contact with others or things that others touch. Normally, germs and virus can only live a few hours on hard surfaces, less on things like towels or the couch. But when you touch something that has a virus on it, then touch your face, you can become infected. The virus can enter your body via the nose and it's mucus lining, or your eyes. This is one of the reasons washing our hands is so important to prevent the spread of illness. If you can wash with soap and hot water (not cold, but not scalding hot, comfortable will do) do so, but if you are somewhere that you can't get to water, use antibacterial hand wipes or antibacterial waterless gel hand cleaner. (Like germX)......

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