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 What will happen to me if I still haven't had chicken pox and i'm 16?

Can you get Chicken Pox twice?
My 2 year old nephew has just come up in Chicken Pox today and I was with him all day all afternoon friday n all day on saturday.
I already had chicken pox when I was 2 but I feel all itchy now (it myt be psychological?!) but I have sum read lumps too - some have been there for a month or so already but these are itchy too. Help please? Thanks Bethx

No, but you can get shingles.

*~*Jon-Jon's Mommy!!*~*
no you can't. you may have shingles which is caused by the chicken pox virus but doesn't turn into chicken pox.

so rare have a better chance of gettin killed by a falling plane.

No,not when you have already had chicken pox, what you have got is shingles which is from the same strain as chicken pox

No, you can't get the chicken pox twice I think you being itchy is psycological.

iced out
there is a very remote possibility...but even if you do, you'll only get a very mild attack.

your symptoms are psychological. it takes like 12 days from the time you contract the disease to when the symptoms show.

Yes you can get it twice, but only if the first time was not serious.

I had my first round of chicken pox when I was 5. I had a few pox on my back, stomach and face. I had it again when I was 13, then I had HUNDREDS of pox sores on my body.

So the answer to your question would be Yes, but only if you had a very mild case the first time.

you can have chicken pox twice.My husband caught them from our grandaughter a few years back he was 41 he had to go into work and prove to his boss cos they did not believe him he could not get my husband out of the office quick enough lol

yes you can

English Angel
yes its possible to have chicken pox twice my mum did

Sandy Sandals
You can, but it's not likely to happen as an adult. It could be (more likely to be) psychological. If anyone talks about fleas, I start itching. In fact, now I'm getting itchy just mentioning it...

It's possible, but EXTREMELY rare. It's probably psychological because it takes 2 to 3 weeks for symptoms to even appear after you've been near an infected person. So, you should be okay.

You can, but it is rare. I had them as a child, when my boyfriend had them last year I felt all itchy too and thought I had them again but I didnt.

It is very rare if not impossible to have chicken pox more than once. It could be all in your head, but if persists, of course, see a doc.

Yes you can.

If you has them when you were EXTREAMLY young, such as 2, you can get them again. Also, you can get them if the first time you had then wasn't as serious as most people.

If you are an adult, you should seek medical attention. Chicken Pox can be fatal to adults.

Love Never Fails
It's a rare thing, but it is possible.

yeah you can but its reallyyy rare

old know all
Yes. It's unusual, but my brother had it twice. (He's unusual)

♪ ♫sadeyes♫ ♪
I had it twice. Once when I was 2 years and once when I was in 2nd grade. It's rare but it happens.
It was defiantly Chicken Pox both times. It's documeneted in my childhood medical records.

yes you can
both me and my sister have had chicken pox twice
we both had it as toddlers then i had it again when i was 7 and she had it when she was 11

Its rare but not unheard of.

It's defintely not common to have it twice. A person that has had chicken pox before, would generally have Shingles the second time around as it is the same virus responsible for both.

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