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 I have constantly had slight fever, headache, running nose etc.?
I feel continuous exhaustion and restless over a year, and depression test says I have depression. What do you think about my cold-like symptoms that I have had for some months? I cough out phlegm ...

 the swine flu!schools closeing?
has anyone on here had there school closed because of the swine flu?
if so where and for how long?...

 Does a doctor have to tell a patient's significant other, if the patient has AIDS, or other infection?

 What do they mean about a Pandemic being "imminent"?
Basically what does "imminent" mean?
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And suddenly the world is in a panic (well some)....

 do i have a bad cold or flu?
I have a headache ( mainly across my eyes and neck) and my joints and muscles are a little tender. Last night i was either sweating or shivering. I generally just feel off. my regards to you good ...

I'm thinking on writing a script for a movie that will be a blockbuster:
The story begins around 2009 in Mexico. A group of American teens, during a crazy spring break, go to a lost farm in ...

 when a child is immunized, he is injected with a particuler disease. Can't a child be immunized with AIDS?

 has the flu hit indiana?

 Do you feel like vomiting as well?
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4and20...that is so freaking ...

 is shingles contagious?
A member of the family has been informed they have shingles, i'm worried as my daughter is 8 months pregnant, and on the 27th this month (june 2008) i am having a full knee replacement, i am ...

 can you get swine flu from zoo pigs?

 Can Asthma cause strep throat?

 does the swine flu have bibal influence?

 Do you think i have the swine flu?
Yesterday at around 3:00 p.m i noticed i had a small fever and i was cold. Every hour after that i checked my temp. which increased from 99.3 to 102.9 in 4 hours. I had severe chills and had to get ...

 Do i have swine flu? i'm so scared...?
I live in the Philippines

I got wet from drizzles at 11 P.M.
I'm now sure if that's the cause but these are my symptoms

Fever 38.9 in Thermometer
I Vomited ...

 Sore throat after I threw up?
I threw up once on purpose but 4 years ago I was bulimic for probably a month. I stopped because I started puking blood. But recently I threw up on purpose (once) and ever since then my throat has ...

 what happens during a pandemic? would schools be closed?

 I have the swine flu, i'm 13 and i'm scared out of my mind! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
I contracted swine flu yesterday and I have a 100 fever, coughing chest cramp, im tired, when I get up I feel dizzy Please help me Asap!
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I already went to the doctor, ...

 has anyone here ever had a bad reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine?

Additional Details
i do believe mine might have been the combined Hep A and Hep B vaccine......

 i hav kissed a girl having HIV , that means i hav taken her saliva into my mouth and swallowed her saliva.?
can i get hiv by kissing the hiv ...

Sophie B
Can you die from liver disease?

Liver diseases of many kinds are high on the killer list.

Yes, the Liver is responsible for many important function that make our bodies mobile. Do some research FYI. I hope it's not you. This condition needs serious and long term medical attention.

You certainly can.

Yes, you can.

Baa Baa

Yes you can


It depends on what caused the liver disease and
if it can be reversed before it gets to the stage
where the liver cells die off.

Here are some of the causes of liver disease:
alcohol consumption, mediation toxification,
chemical exposure, hereditary conditions,
biliary obstruction or mal formation,
auto immune disease, viral infections like
hepatitis A,B,C,etc., fatty liver disease and there
are others.

When the liver cells become damaged, from
one of these causes, the immune system of
the body responds to this and causes
inflammation to develop in the liver.
If the cause can be stopped or removed and
the inflammation is treated...the liver disease
can be reversed. However, if the cells start
to die off and the patient is diagnosed as
having cirrhosis...then it cannot be reversed.
The patient will either need a liver transplant
to live or they will die. The liver does over
500 functions to keep the body working well...
without it, a person cannot live.

Hope this information helps you.

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