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 at what age can you get cancer?
Im 26 And Ive been smoking since i was 16. I quit smoking in January of this year. Can I get still form cancer at this age.. I feel very fatigued all the time.. any answers will be much appreciated.....

 Say you had a child, when she/he grown up at age 14 would you buy them achahol or tobacco?
just a question!...

 In stage 4B pancreatic cancer w/ liver, bladder metastasis at diagnosis what is the life expectancy?
My uncle 65yr/ male/ smoker 50yrs. There was a golfball sized tumor in the bladder diagnosed by biopsy after presenting with severe jaundice, excruciating pain, often noddining out with chronic ...

 What are the symptoms of cancer? How can someone diagnose if he has cancer?
Just wondering what the symptoms of cancer are? How can a person recongnize if he/she might have cancer? Is there any way you can tell in general?

What instructions/advices/...

 Lump on breast automatically mean cancer?
my mom is going in for test to see if a lump on her breast is cancer or nothing, I want to know if a women has a lump on her breast does that automatically mean cancer? She already had the ...

 Does smoking cigarettes cause cancer?

 what are the side effects of chemotherapy?

 What should my mom tell her students about her breast cancer and chemo.?
My mom recently go diagnosed with breast cancer and she is a 5th grade teacher. She is going to start school soon but is concerned about what or how much to tell her students about this. She will be ...

 starting to smoke Cigars?
I saw someware that if you used to smoke ciggerets then cigars you atomaticly inhale the smoke is this true?
Additional Details
omg dont put stupid ansers like dont ...

 I have extra expenses that I need help with due to child with cancer and husband broke his leg?
I am a mother of four. My 6 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys. While she has insurance, my family has been ridden with a lot of unexpected bills, gas, utilities,...

 17 yrs old with swollen lymph nodes all over body.?
hey since november, i began feeling lymph nodes all over my body. they are located like under my jaw/ neck area, in my groin, and armpits. I feel perfectly fine though. I went to the doctor in March, ...

 Is it possible to inflict oneself with cancer deliberately?

Additional Details
answers from scientists,doctors,qualified people only ...

 can u have cancer but feel perfectly fine?

 What subtance in cigarette smoke causes lung cancer?

 Whats so special about breast cancer that it gets a whole month of recognition?
Whats so special about breast cancer that it gets a whole month of recognition? whats makes it more special than any other kind of ...

 What do you know about bowel cancer?
My partner's mother has is awaiting a pretty certain diagnosis of bowel cancer. She has had symptoms for at least a year and under a polyp count a small sample had hundreds (normal 25).

 What will you do if you know that u don't have friends and soon u will die from cancer?

 Am I at the beginning stage or Anorexia?
For the past two days I've been exercising for 4-5 hours and eating 600-800 calories. I already lost 4 pounds in one day I went from 123 to 119. I'm 5'3 and now 119 and I'm ...

 what are the chances of recovery from stage 4 colon cancer?
i have an aunt who is diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. According to the doctor, the tumor is quite large and surgery is out of the question because it will cause massive bleeding. It scared us ...

 Medical professionals only please?
My five year old grandaughter has chicken pox . I will be looking after her at the end of the week .What worries me is ,my sister in law is on chemotherapy for breast cancer,and i usually visit her ...

Iam gonna get call from doctor tomorrow about my sons histology results Would they call me if it would be bad?
Or would they make an appoitment? They r the surgeons who performed the operation on my son and took the tumour out. They said they will call as soon they got the results that was almost 3 weeks ago. I called them today, doc wasnt there but they have the results and doc will call me tomorrow.

They'll tell you either way over the phone.

Sara P
I think different practices have different policies, but I wish you the best! I never understood why it takes so d@mned long--veterinary pathologists give results back in usually a week or less. The waiting has to be agonizing!

i already answered your first Q
but about calling it depends each doctor is different
if i were you
i will go/call and demand talking to the surgon right now
i hope your son is alright
please tell us how it goes

I don't want to get your hopes up but I think it is unusual that they would leave it so long and then tell you bad news over the phone.
You will have had the call by now so I hope it was the news you were wanting.

jackie m
several years ago when my dad had a cough the doctor had an xray done in the health centre, before he arrived home the doctor had phoned him with the results which showed something on his lung, they arranged the following day for a hospital scan to be done and same day was told he had lung cancer and in hospital 2 days later to have part of his lung removed and home within 2 weeks and recovered, he was 73 years old, he died of stomach cancer 3 years later. As for your sons results I would think they are good or the doctor would have called you as soon as they came in. Good Luck.

I think they would have already made an appointment with you if the results were bad.

I hope the results will be good ^___^

ermm if it was bad they wouldd have called- ii thiinkk
anywayss good luck ♥.

Can't tell any more.
A good doctor would make an appt. either way.

I read on here of people getting their lab results in the mail, saying " cancer".

Live fast, die young
The longer you wait to hear about these things usually the better. If there was something wrong they would have called straight away and made an appointment to see you. Time is of the essence with stuff like that and they wont hang about. I am sure it will be good news. Hope it goes well for you.

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