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 how does haveing sickle cell affect your life?
chat room or ...

 what is the treatment for food poisoning from tuna?
my aunt has very bad food poisoning from eating tuna last night, other than rest and drinking liquids what home remedies can help?...

 I have tonsillitis for this long time.Answer my question.?
I have tonsillitis last april 2008 when I went to my aunt's house.The doctor prescribed me an anti biotic because of bacteria.It's about to heal for one day but When my aunt stopped my ...

 High Fever?
My friend has a fever, it`s 38.9, and he`s been vomiting frequently, can`t keep much of his food down. He also has sudden body temperature changes, like he was so cold that he was shivering then and ...

 Can some one please tell me how to care the Baby who suffering from sickle cell?
There is a baby who is suffering from sickle cell disease!...

 wild delirium?
do you know what is meant by wildly delirious?
i have read a book titled "Five Patients" about a man with a high fever of 108(from an condition called septicemia apparently due to an ...

 So does the 5 second rule not apply anymore when you drop something on the floor?
After this story on ABC news, I know I'm not doing that anymore. But for a more educated reason than "eww", please explain why it should have never worked in the first place.


 Swine flu? Why the hell should I care?
The media so far has just been stirring up the hive and causing mass hysteria over the issue. Why should I even care about swine flu when the regular flu kills more every year? Why doesn't the ...

 how do doctors take out tonsils?
i have tonsillitis and have to ge my tonsils taken ot...how do the Dr's do that...do they cut open your throat or what..like whats the whole procedure like??please help im really ...

 What bacteria/virus causes herpes simplex?

 peeing constantly and diaherra??

 Just a really bad flu?
I've had really bad flu-like symptoms for nearly 2 weeks now and it's really sore if I move around too much. Also, my neck seems to have swollen up a bit and I'm constantly exhausted. D...

 what causes a virus to infect your heart?

 if i shave my breed than kised my firnd who is hiv carrer.can he transfer hiv to me?

 I have a huge irrational fear of being HIV positive. Can anyone give me some feedback?
I'm not sure why I have this fear, but I've been extremely afraid of the disease since childhood. I also had a family member die with AIDS. So, i recently found out i'm pregnant with ...

 how do u know if u have HIV or any other adis,,,, and whats the solution for them???

 I have had the FLU since Sunday. It is now Wednesday what do I do to get rid of it by tomorrow.?
I have a flute concert tomorrow!! What can I do overnight. I have to be there I am 11 please help!!!...

 If GPs will keep on rejecting new patients to register to them even as private patients where else can we go?

 is over-stress related to spots?

Additional Details
spots that white stuff comes ...

 diseases of different specialties in medicine?
please give me different diagnoses re: diifferent branches of ...

Can parasites cause anemia in a human? ?

Vital Force

Yes, parasites can cause anemia. Hookworm infection is linked to blood loss and anemia. You can read some childhood medical research studies linking parasites to anemia at http://www.healthbanquet.com/parasite-research-children.html

Parasites have been using the human being as a host for a very long time and high infestation can cause much damage to the unsuspecting human.

There is a great Colonix colon cleanse product and parasite removal herbal treatment available from DrNatura at http://www.drnatura.com

Their parasite ridding program, Paranil, is part of their Colonix colon cleanse program. It is made of herbal capsules and it is very safe and non-toxic.

My friend passed a thirteen inch worm on the Colonix colon and parasite detox program. DrNatura's Colonix colon cleanse and parasite removal treatment substantially helped improve my health http://www.healthbanquet.com/colon-cleanse.html

Parasites are quite fascinating. Dogs and horses are regularly dewormed. I believe humans should deworm periodically, also.

Vital Force

Yes they can. Humans can get intestinal worms and liver flukes. If not treated the can cause a mild case of anemia, but I have never heard of any cases being severe. See your doctor if you think you have parasites. Some can be hard to treat....

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