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 'Pregnant man' fascinates?
'Pregnant man' fascinates

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Bozz Mozz
Can a person carry and/or spread measles if they've been vaccinated?
I know he can't get measles himself, but if he was exposed to a person who was later confirmed to have measles, can he still carry and spread it?

I agree with Amber's conclusion, but not with her reasoning.

A vaccine does not usually provide 100% protection from measles. If the measles vaccine is given to early (<1year) it can interact with existing maternal antibodies. A second shot is recommended.

Even then, a vaccine works in tandem with "group immunity". If there are enough people vaccinated in a community (ideally >95%) then even though they may only be 80% effective in some people, the likelihood of them coming into contact with someone with measles is reduced. Which is why it is important to everyone (public health) that everyone be vaccinated.

So, it is possible for someone who has received a measles vaccine to end up later (usually years later, if it occurs at all) infected with measles and able to transmit.

To essentially spread measles a person would have to have an active infection, so someone that is immunized and protected would not be able to acquire measles or transmit it. If a person was vaccinated but not fully protected, they can acquire measles and spread it.

If you are worried, check with your doctor about what vaccines you may require (or booster shots) at your age.

I do believe that yes he could. Here is why.
He will still "get" the measles, but his body will already be immune to it, so the white blood cells will attack and destroy the virus, he will still carry the virus though for the time that it is contagious for.
So yes, it is possible to spread it to those who have not been vaccinated.

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