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 So how did the swine flu get spread from a pig to a human?

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that makes so much sense!...

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in my first period we were discussing it and my teacher said it could last on a ...

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Gram positive is purple, gram ...

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Just curious....thanks for answering!! :)...

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Can a child get chicken pox even if they have had the vaccine?
My 6 year old son has red pimple like spots on the back of his neck and now some have shown up on his back, tummy, and legs. He had the chicken pox vaccine so at first I thought maybe it was flea or chigger bite maybe even hives. But none of those things looked like these bumps. Is it still possible that he could get the chicken pox even with the vaccine?

Doc Bill
It is possible, yes - but extremely rare. There are several illnesses that can cause what you're seeing. Call your pediatrician and report this, or take him to the nearest public hospital emergency room.

most likely not but there is always the rare case where one child will still get it.

check with your dr to be sure!

A noob who never hears
Yes, it is possible. Viruses and Bacteria change at all time.

Yes, they can. And also, tell them to get boosters when they are 18 wether they've had CP, been vaccinated or whatever, cause I was vaccinated when I was a baby and got CP when I was 18. It was miserable!

there is a small chance he could still get chicken pox but they look more like blisters than pimples. could he have eczema? my kids all get eczema in the summer. once they start playing outside a lot and sweating more. my youngest gets it on her legs and my boy gets it all over his back and arms. it looks almost like an outbreak of pimples. another possibility is an allergic reaction if the bumps are small. possibly your sunscreen or laundry deterget?

SassyGirl 1
Yes my daughter was vaccinated and still got it, from our neighbor who was also vaccinated. So it is definately possible.

Jennifer V
Chicken pox typically look like a "dew drop on a rose petal" - red spot with a blister on top.
It is possible to get cp even after having been vaccinated. I have personally witnessed this, as both of my older children were vaccinated as babies and then caught it from a friend at school. The case was considerably lessened than the friend's case, but both were confirmed by the kids' pediatrician.
There has been some speculation that the vaccine didn't offer as much immunity as once thought. This is why many peds are now recommending a booster.
There has also been some talk of the virus mutating, making people more susceptible to it. There have been cases where the person had already had a verified case of cp, only to end up getting it again when exposed.
You should take your son to see his ped and have it confirmed.

Good luck!

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