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Can I leave my hair wet and let it dry by itself if I have a fever?
my blow dryer is broken and i'm afraid that my cold or my fever will get worse oh and does anyone know any home remedies that will help with a cold(coughing, sneezing)

please no ridiculous answers

Jayla Kellen
Your cold might get worse, it did for me, but who knows go ahead and try it!

Hedge Witch
Wet hair has no affect on your health - just an old wives tale.

well if ur not going anywhere then yes let it dry. or jsut wipe it with towel..and as far as home remedies, get a lot of rest, drink orange juice and eaat soup =] get well soon =]

Yes, you could leave you hair wet. It will act as cold compressors. I advise you to take Zinc tablets to help your immune system so that you could get rid of the cold faster.

I wanna know.
u should dry you hair

leaving your hair dry by itself is fine. try lemon juice, honey, rum ( if you are able to), and a pinch of salt and heat that in a cup and drink it. Also, to get rid of the fever, put on something hot, like sweatpants and hoodie and you can actually sweat the fever out. Hope this helps!!

if u dont have a blow dryer at least try to towal dry your hair. its not good to leave your hair wet.

honey can make ur throat feel better

As long as you are in a warm room and don't get chilled you should be fine. I always take chamomile tea and honey or chicken soup for a cold.

pat hair well with a towel.stay out of cold.I hate chemicals in hair and never blow dry and such.I also have eczema and that is why.

Drink some green tea, or whatever tea you like.
Then pop 2 tylenol, that always works for me.

Valerie Hal
put it in a towel

If you make your body colder than your body will naturally increase your temperature like it normally would. This can cause your fever temperature to rise even higher. Thats why when you have a fever you should drink and shower with luke warm water.
Greatest temperature places on your body are the forehead, armpits, and croutch area. If you cool down those then you cool down your whole body if your temperature gets to high. If you have a fever you can wet your hair to cool down but I suggest drying it up with a towel at least.
For coughing I suggest taking a chest congestent b/c usually mucus can build up in there and cause your cough to last longer. Try not to take many nose congestents b/c your nose gets ride of the virus the most. Your snot color can also tell you if you are getting better. Dark green being the worst-yellow-to clear snot being the best and meaning the virus is almost gone. Drink some hot soup can feel really good. Make sure to drink alot of water and get rest.

i dont think it will matter either way. i personaly wouldnt go to bed with wet hair other than that go ahead

i suggest putting a towel around your neck, but otherwise its alright. i suggest to sweat it off, keep blowing ur nose, even if its so unbearable you feel like crying (know the feeling)

it wont matter it wont give you a cold

Yes you can leave your hair wet.If you have a fever,get a rag/towel and wet it with cold/warm water,then squeeze the water out,then put it over your forehead or face.Also,eat something hot,I ate some noodles when I got a fever of 101 and I felt a lot better :3

it won't do something bad, if anything, it will feel good with your fever

Leaving your hair wet won't make your cold worse. It's just an old wive's tale. The best remedy for a cold is lots of liquids, especially hot ones like tea and soup and plenty of rest. A little vitamin C can't hurt either.

well you can let it dry by itself. you can also towel dry it if you dont want to use the hair dryer.

if you are having a lot of drainage one of the best things to do is when you sleep, keep yourself propped up in a somewhat inclined position. it keeps all the drainage from sitting dormant all night and making you feel congested.

try it

Yes u can........if u get chilled, wrap your towel around your for awhile......I have 4 RN's that lives near..... P.S. Put your towel in the dryer if u need to

you should buy a hair dryer now

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