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little bit
Blood type?
Is it possible for a person to have such a rare blood that it doesn't have a type, My boyfriend claims that doctors were unable to type his blood. If so is there a place where he can get his blood banked in case he ever needs a transfusion?

Plausable, unlikly possible. Im type B and when I had a blood fusion, It was type A lOL!!!

I would say that your boyfriend is a liar and he is definitely not your type.

No, that is not possible. Blood type is defined by the presence of, or lack of, specific surface antigens on blood cells. These are known as A or B. If there is no surface antigen, it is called O. In addition, the presence of the Rh protein determines if the blood type is positive or negative. There is an extremely rare blood type that is found in only a handful of people in the world, but unless your boyfriend is from Bombay, India, he won't have it. He should just try another doctor.

i was in the er over the weekend and they asked what was my blood type . I'm o+ my mom is o- the doctors said pry that i don't have o- because i would have to had a blood transfusion . but they also said pry that i don't have Rh- that's the worse kind of blood to have is Rh-

Adam S
Contrary to the UNEDUCATED responses you have received, YES it is possible to "not have a blood type" in the normal sense of the term (A, B, AB, O). In actuality you have a blood type but it is simply EXTREMELY rare. This type is referred to as Bombay Type, which lacks the h sugar which is the starting point for all blood types. Typing is done by investigating which carbohydrate groups are attached to RBCs, if you get blood or blood products from a person with different carbohydrates attached to their RBCs your body may attack them. That is why it is important to match individuals correctly.This is very generalized so maybe you would want to do some research on your own. People with Bombay type can ONLY RECEIVE blood from OTHER BOMBAY TYPE individuals.

No. Not possible. Blood typing is simply checking what glycosides (sugars) are on the outside of your blood cells naturally. Although science can measure numerous ones, only two really count when transfusing and typing for general purposes....

The first is the ABO system. This is the main system and there are only two sugars (A and B) resulting in four types. You get one from your mom and one from your dad. You either have no glycosides (Type O - neither parent had any), only A (Type A, both gave you A or one had nothing and one had A), only B (Type B, both gave you B or one had nothing and one had B), or both A and B (Type AB, one from each parent).

This typing is most important as your body will form antibodies to attack the types it doesn't see regularly. Thus, a type A person will not be used to seeing type B blood and their body will attack any type B or AB blood transfused and clot it up. Type O's are not used to either A or B and will attack both, so they must be transfused with only type O. However, since their blood has neither A or B they can give to anyone without concern. Type AB is the reverse, they are used to both A and B and can get anything. But they can only give to other AB's.

The other typing system people used is the Rh factor (named for rhesus monkeys in which it was discovered I think). You simply either have it or not. If you have it, you can get either Rh+ or Rh- as your body is used to it and won't sensitize to it. However, this comes more into play for women having babies if the baby is Rh+ and the mom is Rh-. If she is exposed to the baby's blood during birth or transfused Rh+ blood, she may become sensitized to the Rh+ and form antibodies. The next time she is pregnant, if the baby is Rh+ her antibodies will swarm it and cause many problems.

Hope this helps to clarify.

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