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 can dogs saliva get you sick?

 Is The Swine Flu Really As Big As Everyone Makes It Sound?
Ok, So I won't leave my house at this time and i am freaking out like crazy.. i am even crying about this flu thing.. I am so scared :( Please No Mean Answers.......

 If there is no cure for a human virus what happens to it when it goes away?

 HIV and blood...?
Hey guys, got a question for you. I was walking downtown the other day when I looked down and noticed I stepped on a band-aid that was soaked with blood on the pad part. I kind of freaked out. A...

 Is there a doctor in the house!?!?
I don't know what happened he just passed out cold. I think there is something constructing his breathing....

 What is the best/fastest and most effective way to get rid of the flu without antibiotics?

 how to treat mucus coughs?

 is swine flu in the uk?
is it something to be worried ...

 Questions about Swine Flu?
Hey just wanna no summin bout swine flu:

1. Does one of the symptoms of swine flu include red eyes????
2. Does Tami Flu cure the swine flu???
3. Do you die from swine flu? If yes ...

 Every October i get a cold?
Every time the temperature drops i get a cold like on October or November. Is it common for most people to get sick when the temperature drops for winter or fall?
Also does a cold effect your ...

 bse, bird flu,foot&mouth.What chance humans, if a virulent disease ails our population? Do we get culled?

 How do I know if i have a desease?
Im starting to get an ide that im in trouble.

#1. So A week ago i had a fever cuz i was playing water balloons with my friends and now i am still havin this cough .. like.. when i breath.. ...

 what is anemia and what are the symtoms?

 can antibiotics harm you?
I never take any medication, EVER! I dont take advil or nothing. I went to see my doctor, Come to find out I have a urine infection and now I have to take novamoxin (I beleive is a form of pinnicilin)...

 which is worse? swine flu or dengue fever?

 Will the baby be HIV positive?
i have a younger sister who was born with HIV,she takes her meds and is actually quite healthy.she is now pregnant and im concerned if the baby will catch the virus....

 is chlamydial infections a genetic disease?
and is it caused by like a mutation or something?
Additional Details
oh nooo i just need to do an article about a genetic disease! you guys mind giving me one? :)...

 Can H.I.V. be transfered through food?

 how to knaow if u have a fever?
see i don't have a thermator, but i fell dizzy, and my staomach feels kind of nausa. my brother touched my forehead and said it was a little warm, but fever warm. plwaz tell me how i can find ...

 can a person go there whole life without the chicken pox?
im 12 and haven't had it yet i might later but im just wondering....

Are there health concerns about wearing clothes from thrift stores (if washed before wearing)?
I like to buy clothes from thrift stores because they are so much cheaper than buying them new: but is it possible to be infected by something from the previous owner if I wash the clothes with laundry detergent before I put them on? Thanks.

NO hazard if wash & dried . . . wear away.

no problem what so ever... viruses die after a few hours anyways.. Those clothing have probably sat there for weeks, months, and years.. You wont get crabs or anything (of course I wouldnt buy 2nd hand undies or bathing suits)
but I do buy 2nd hand coats, jackets, shirts, pants etc.
If you think of the industrial chemicals in new clothes and how that can effect your skin. Id think 2nd hand clothing is healthier..

Cosmic I
Clothing donated to thrift stores is washed before put out for sale. They use industrial strength cleansers. They are required to do so by law. Still, before you wear something you bought at a thrift store, wash it anyway, because of other shoppers who have handled the clothes or tried them on.

I discovered thrift stores 2 years ago. I've washed and worn the clothing with no problem. I don't see how it could be harmful if you wash it. Unless you are talking underwear. I wouldn't wear used underclothing or swimsuits. I prefer these things new.

The clothes you buy from a second hand store or a department store should be washed by you before you wear them Weather they are new or used, they often sit in boxes in warehouses for a lengthy time. Even with the best environment, dust and dirt are a factor. Hope this helps.
I like clothes from second hand stores also. More character and a bit of history! :)

Make sure you use hot water i believe you could still get scabies (skin lice) if not washed in hot soapy water.

No. There are three things you have to worry about:
Bacteria that will die in the wash.
Viruses that will break apart in the wash or dry up in the dryier.
Chemicals and I have never heard of anybody that got sick from chemical exposure from a thrift store. Generally people are smart enough to despose of contaminated clothing.

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