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 i am hepatitis b postive. may i marry?
hbv dna reports says that virus is less than normal and inactive state. i would like to marry. my age is 25....

 Can you get the swine flu from sharing toilet seats at the same time?

 Should I ring into my work with swine flu?
Really I have a slight cold i I would lilke to watch dvds all day...and Trisha
Additional Details
Swine flu would never kill me....you would have to be elderly or weak to die from a pig&#...

 What Would You Do If The Schools Mandated That Every Student Has To Get The H1N1 Vaccine?
Lol, This Is a VERY Interesting Question That I Told All My Friends Now, What Would YOU Do?...

 Can I catch mono again after I have already had it?
About a month ago I had mono, and even though we waited until I thought I was over it to kiss, my girlfriend still caught it from me. Is it safe for me to kiss her anyway, since I've already ...

 weird sicknesses keep happening, any ideas about underlying cause?
ok over the past few months i hav ebeen getting strange sicknesses and i think their may be an underlying cause...idk though im no doctor...but im 19 very active, eat well, in good shape...but lately ...

 My neighbors 1 year old daughter had impetigo and was treated and the treatment worked.?
once again this little baby has impetigo worse than before.
Question ? How is she getting it? what is she doing wrong? Is it an immunity thing the little girl is a redhead with fair skin.......

 can i donate blood if i have had glandular fever in the past?
i had glandular fever about 8 years ago and i am sure that someone told me that i am unable to give blood because of this,
is this true?...

 what to you do if a flu shot makes you sick?
i got a flu shot about 4 days ago and and i felt fine after- maybe a little groggy late in the first day and pretty tired on day 2 but i didn't feel sick- just sleepy, but today i feel like i ...

 In light of this tomato scare, can you get salmonella poisoning from ketchup?
they should have a headline stating "Attack of the killer tomatoes"!!

huh? huh?


oh well, I tried....

 I feel terrible?
One of my coworkes had the flu and I think I gor it. I feel too bad that I don't feel like driving. What can I take for feeling better, my throat is killing me

 Strep throat?
I've just come down with strep throat, but my throat doesn't hurt. I have an audition on tuesday for a broadway show and I really want to nail the audition. Do you have anything that can ...

 Epstein-Barr Virus?
I was told by my doctor that I had past Epstein-Barr virus or mono, this was after I went to see him for fatigue, nausea, weakness, etc. He took this same test on me last year and told me the same ...

 I recently had a mrsa infection. Should I be concerned about undergoing breast augmentation?
I had a nasty staph infection in my ankle after a little tumor was removed. I took 2 levaquin and had an allergic rxn, so I discontinued the med. It seemed to clear up the infection so I did not go ...

 have u ever stayed at the hospital if so why...?
which types of medicine did u get
did u have a iv
did u an oxygen mask
did u ever need a brething tube
how long were u there overnight or for many days..
just asking thanks......

 AIDS and HIV?
Is there a web site that you can put in a person information and it tells you if they have HIV or AIDS? Just asking because they got so many web site that tells all ur business....

 What is the purpose of the little hanging ball thingy in the back of your throat?
Just wondering.... i think it's called a gobble?...

 What are some foods that really boost our immune system?

 Fiance now has MRSA,should I go get tested?!?
Was told he had staph,culture results showed today that he now has MRSA.I had reoccuring boils on my leg about 2 months ago which have since healed and completely gone away but I think I should have ...

 Is it bad to stop taking antibiotics before the packet is finished?
I had a really bad cough for 3 weeks. It went away and then I got another really bad cough that was worse than the 1st. I went to the doctor and she gave me antibiotics - she said that it probably ...

10 leading causes of mortality,morbidity,infant mortality rate.5 leading causes of maternal mortality.?
this leading causes should be based on the 2007 survey in the philippines

Aga P
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