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 16 y.o. male (virgin) - pain while urinating?
Well starting today I have had to go to the bathroom quite frequently, and it feels like I have to excrete a lot of urine, but I only pee a little bit. Then, I feel a pain down there. This can't ...

 What's the best way to get rid of trapped wind FAST???
Because i'm in agony!!!!
I've taken pain killers too, strong ones but i still feel horrible.

I know one method is do stick my legs in the air (right)? but i can't do ...

 Help! My sister is experience huge pain in her head!?
Recently, my sister got surgery on her leg because it was broken severely. Her head doesn't hurt at first, but when her leg hurts, she has to take her painkillers. However, the painkillers cause ...

 Can anything bad happen from taking three tylenol regular strength pills at once?

 Do yoyu ever get bored?

 does anybody know a cure for cramp in the legs and feet while in bed?
what causes it?...

 I have had a headache for 5 days. No nauseau or light sensitivity. Could it be a migraine?
my headache started with sharp, stabbing pains behind left eye. Then it became a really bad headache. I even took a Zomig for migraines, but it didn't go away until 24 hours later....

 Afraid I'm getting addicted to vicodin?
My doctor gave me vicodin for my chronic abdominal pain (ulcer, gastroparesis and adhesions) and I've never really taken much of it (it took me a year to use 30 pills). But this past week I'...

 If my Dr. only gave me a 3 month refill how do I get a new prescription?

 My friend and doctor was killed. I am in so much pain. How can I bring him back?

 Need to find a website that deals with medical dianostic adivce with symptoms given?
Tingling sensation in right arm, from deltoid muscle to right thumb. Want to find a website that can give me some insight to what the problem may be....

 i need a docters advice!!!!!.........?
my mom gets this horrible tingling in her hand. and her hand is always cold. she tells me that her hand tingles 24/7 like it would if it was asleep. and she gets very bad pain in her back particuarly ...

 Lower back pain help?
I am 18 and I have been having pretty bad lower back pain, it is bothering me. It sometimes hurts to even sit up or bend. I dont think Ive done anything to cause it. And im not pregnant either lol. I ...

 My mom left her wet towel on my side of the bed and I told her to move it. Am I wrong?
She got all upset and said I have to move it. I told her it was unhygenic because she dried her body with it....

 Can I drink cola?! help?
I have pain in my upper right abdomen probably due to gas!?...

 I get severe migraines. No pills have worked so it's time to try medical pot.?
My own doctor and two pain specialists have said it's time to give this a try. I have no perscription coverage and I'm curious as to how much this costs.
Thanks in advance.

 I want to gargle salt water...?
because i have a very sore throat and i hate my doctor. What is best to gargle, epson salts , or table salts?...

 Does anybody have any tips for strap throat to soothe the pain and relieve it?
I have it and i'm just wondering if anybody has any tips on ...

 Urgent! I can't stand it!?
Please help me! I'm having an awful migraine right now and I need urgent tips on how to make it go away or stop hurting! I took my medicine (prescribed) a long time ago but it still won't ...

 Is it harmful to mix nyquil and vicoden?
I am on vicoden as a prescription from the doctor to help suppress coughing, but I feel real achey and crummy right now and Nyquil helps.

I only take 2.5 mg of vicoden at a time since it ...

Tylenol and Motrin Mix = Vicodin?
If you mix tylenol with motrin, is it an equivalent of a vicodin?

LMAO! I wish!!!

nope, vicodin contains the narcotic hyrdocodone


Lisa S

And be careful with over the counter drugs.
Tylenol can hurt the kidneys or liver if taken in excess, and Motrin can thin your blood.

I doubt it..


No. Vicodin is a narcotic, you can't just mix a couple over the counter medications to make it.

Ummm...No, because Vicodin has hydrocodone in it and Tylenol and Motrin just have Acetaminophen. Vicodin also has Acetaminophen too but the hydro is what makes it different.

dense math guy
God no. Please don't mix drugs. Seriously, it's not a good idea. Especially paracetamol (tylenol) which can be very damaging to your liver!

Are you kidding? how would tylenol and advil be same as narcotic made with synthetic opium.

No. Vicodin is a narcotic (hydrocodone bitartrate mixed with acetaminophen [ie Tylenol]). It's a controlled substance and moderately powerful pain reliever. It's also available as Vicoprophen, mixed with ibuprophen (Motrin). Either way, it requires a prescription.

However, the combination of Tylenol and Motrin offers about as much pain relief as you can expect from OTC meds. The combination isn't problematic in itself, as some posters seem to think. 1000-1300mg of acetaminophen (tylenol) and 600mg of motrin (ibuprofen) are the safe maximums. The tylenol is a fever reducer and pain reliever while the motrin is an anti-inflammatory. Just take it with food and without alcohol. Better off spacing the dosages so you're not taking 2 grams of pills at once.

People are on target with the Tylenol warning though. Large doses or long-term use can cause liver and/or kidney damage.

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