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 Heart Disease project?
what are three healthy behaviors so u don't get heart ...

 Does Ephedra weaken the heart muscles?
I use it alot for weight loss but get horrible palpitations, does it weaken the heart....

 Could this be angina?? worried?
Ok.. i take pain meds due to a severely messed up lower back. But lately the past few months my chest has been really hurting. I check my blood pressure and its normal. I do take blood pressure meds ...

 how can you bring up blood pressure that is dangerously low?

 Can a heart condition cause pains in your legs?
Ever since I can remember my younger sister has had these really horrible pains in her legs mostly in her knees and ankles. There were times they hurt so bad she could barely walk, but tylenol ...

 billy mays' heart disease?
he died of pulmonary embolism which is a enlarged heart...is this just all of sudden or how is it caused? i don't think he took painkillers or anything... this is ...

 Did I have an infarction?
A few days ago I had a chest pain for about 3 days. At some point it was more of a discomfort than pain, there were a few moment were it got worst and got me very restless and couldn't stop ...

 My dad is having some heart issues...I need some help please?
My dad is 49 years old and he had a possible heart attack sunday night, they rulled out the heart attack and said it could be inflammation of the heart sac (pericarditis). Today is friday and he had ...

 heart beating weird, has anyone experienced this?
Ok so for the past month my heart randomly starts beating weird at least twice a day. i can't really explain it, but it feels like it's beating really really fast and makes my breathing ...

 My blood pressure is 147 over 109 which gives me a pulse pressure of 38?
Obviously my blood pressure would be considered high. But since my pulse pressure is slightly below 40 is that good? Or?

Additional Details
Claudia my pulse is not 38.<...

 Can stress effect your cholesterol level?
I have been under a lot of stress lately. There has been some added sugar in my diet, but not that much and only 3-4 pound weight gain. My cholesterol went from 167 to 212 in 6 months. I have been ...

 Does high blood pressure make you sweat?

 What can lower blood pressure FAST?
My mom can't find her medicine and She can hear and feel her heart beat...What will lower it fast?...I googled it and all I could find was how to lower it in a week


 another quick question?
i'm 15 and when im just sitting or laying down i can feel my heart beat kinda hard (it makes my hand move every time it beats if i hold it in the air and like when i cross my legs it makes my ...

 What does it mean if there is a slight pain in your heart, mostly when doing physical stuff?
Me and 2 other people i know of( one related, one not and 2 in pretty good shape) feel pain in our chest specific to where the heart is, not on the right side or above or below the heart. When i ...

 as a nurse, what is your job for the patients?
for an essay...need something ...

 fast heart rate tips?
I have a fast heart rate, it feels like there is a truck inside of me. How can I get it to return to normal?


It was in the 120s when it was last taken.
Additional D...

 heart trouble, i think?
when i sleep on my left side my heart hurts and it also hurts at random times during the week, should i be concered,...

 I have 5 stents in my heart ins will not pay for my plavix?
how can I get some help please help me IAM 52 years old thank ...

 How many veins are on the superior end of the heart?

why do the pupils in my eyes never dilate?
Even in the dark the pupils in my eyes stay tiny, they never dilate.. Ive had eye tests and my sight is fine but my pupils are tiny.
Additional Details
Its other people who,ve pointed it out to me and someone even said i look like a heroin addict. lol. A friend said they should dilate in the dark etc but they dont ever.

Ok, try looking into a mirror at night with like a very dim light. You should see it then or just briefly shine a light in your eyes- not directly of course and you should see the pupils constrict.

It's weird your Ophthalmologist didn't pick up on this, which indicates to me that there may be no problem and you just can't see it for some reason. If not, then are you taking any drugs? prescription or otherwise? If no again then see your GP. It could be an indication Miosis, which can be permanent constriction of the pupil of the eye and this can indicate pathology- this is rare and I can only think of a few situations where this would happen.

Well when you look at youor eyes up close in the mirror they get smaller. You will never see them big looking at your own reflection. When your eyes are focusing and stuff like that i am sure they do.

maybe you need glasses...

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