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 possible Deep Vein Thrombosis?
about a month ago I was on a plane ride from Texas to Utah then from Utah to Alaska. My left calf started getting a pain in it mid-flight. I know a little about the medical field and know that a ...

 Has anyone here taking 'Toprol-XL prescription medicine?Please read inside?
Has anyone here taking 'Toprol-XL prescription medicine?My mom was on this medince.She has medicare part B.til now drug was covered but they were giving generic version of this medicine.Now ...

 ever science a few days ago whenever i do any physical activity,my heart starts beating weirdly?
its any time I do anything, before this started happening I could run like two miles without stopping and feel fine, but now I cant barely walk ten feet without feeling queezy.

plus ; ...

 how much do pulse r71 battarys cost?
how much and were can i buy ...

 An irregular heart beat?
Today, I was just joking around with my friend and took our blood pressure while waiting for her father to finish up buy things around the drugstore. I thought it was weird at first, when I got my ...

 renal artery 100% occlusion,,¿ a smaller artery on it's own bypassed?
Had three stents put in on July 23rd,, right renal artery, right illiac artery, left illiac artery,, Vascuiliar suregon says left renal artery 100% occlusion , thou a smaller artery created its own ...

 Are these red marks on my hand a sign of poor circulation?
On the back of my left and right hand I have these red lines tracing over where my veins are. They're not varicose veins because they don't protrude outward. The lines are completely flat, ...

 How to control panick attacks while taking medication?
I've been perscribed on adderall for about a year now. One day I was very stupid and i took three pills in one day. I ended up overdosing and had about 9 panick attacks that day. After that ...

 does salt increase pulse rate?

 What was the treatment for heart disease 25 years ago?
or more.
Additional Details
general heart disease.... a few diffrent possibilities will be ...

 How does the consumption of meat affect your chances of getting a heart attack?

 What would be a good gift to give my mom after heart bypass surgery?

 What does extremely LOW blood pressure mean?
My Resting Heart rate is very high, average is 94. And my blood pressure is very low. I just took it and it is 96/57. It has been as low as 52 on top. I feel tired a lot. As well, my average temp ...

 I had an abnormal EKG today. Can being nervous affect this?
Today the doctor administered an EKG and referred me to have an Echo done. I was very nervous and a little shaky (i'm 13 lol). So my question is: he said my heartbeat looked too fast; was that ...

 is there a nurse in the house? i have a blood pressure question?
my bp is 129/97 i feel like crap and im dizzy i called my doctor and he said 129 isnt high i know 129 isnt high but the 97 is i have had my bp 140/99 and still i havent felt this bad. my chest is ...

 Is 119 a normal heart rate for a 127 pound female?
I woke up from a nap to use the bathroom. When I got back in my dorm room I noticed my heart was racing really fast, so I decided to count beats per minute. It came out to be 119. Is that normal?

 is my blood pressure dangerously low?
i just measured my blood pressure and pulse rate because yesterday i had a vasovagal syncope episode (fainiting)

it measured 87/44
with a 51 pulse rate.

how dangerous is ...

 21 weeks ultrasound done-detected with single ventricle problem?
Hi All,
My wife recently diagnosed for her baby with single ventricle problem. Baby's right bottom chamber has not grown completely. The test is done in her 21 weeks by normal ultrasound.<...

 Low/high blood pressure or anemia?
I've been feeling very nauseous lately and think I might have low/high blood pressure. When I stand down, it almost feels like i'm going to faint, and my hands have been really cold lately. ...

 Chest pains getting more frequent?
So I'm 18 years old now, but this all started about 2 1/2 years ago. Now keep in mind that my dad died when he was in his 60's and his side of the family almost never makes it past 65. They ...

why are my pupils constricted?
my pupils are very small have been that way for hours

did you take any drugs. (speed, meth, cocaine, any stimulants)

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