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 Can u tell me if this could be related to heart disease or something else?
I notice when i do hard exericise, i cant feel my pulse for a beat or two, then it starts again, but very un even, and always pauses for a second or two, during this my chest hurts, i get dizzy and ...

 Abnormal EKG?
I recently went to a hospital for chest pain. They did an EKG and said it was abnormal. I asked if it was bad and the doctor said no, that he looked at an EKG that I had in March 06 and it was the ...

 I just had a Cardiac Ablation yesterday, what can I expect now?
I just had a cardiac ablation done in the hospital yesterday. they released me this afternoon and I am home now. The procedure involved inserting a catheter into an artery in my leg, then snaking ...

 Any medical professionals out there: what would you say about these numbers:?
133 LDL cholesterol, 95 HDL cholesterol, 65 triglicerydes, 241 total ...

 How much is it going to cost for open heart surgery?
My cousin is having open heart surgery on the 27th and i was just curious on how much its going to cost all together. He lives in salt lake, but the only people in the United States that will even ...

 high blood pressure at 17?
im 17 & was raped last night. i had to go to the doctor. when they checked my blood pressure it was 150 over 90. is that bad? it seems high & why was it so ...

 Has anyone had this test done? if so whats your opinions?

I do not want to pay money i don't have if it is a con but i want to get to the bottom of what foods to avoid etc, sick of feeling so ill with IBS....

 AV Node Ablation procedure, is it safe?
What is the length of the procedure and the side effects of this procedure. Medication is no longer useful and it has been recommended to have this procedure done ASAP....

 about chst xray result?
the result is, suspicious density in the right apical region partly obscured by overlying bony structures making proper evaluation difficult .true cardiac proper evaluation difficult.true cardiac ...

 Transposition of the Great Artery?
My Fiance had what is called a MUSTARD surgery when he was three months of age. He is now 29 years old and I am concerned about this heart problem. He was on medication up until 6 years ago or so ...

 Can you work for Saudi Aramco if you have a mechanical heart valve and a pace maker?

 i'm 15 and think i have heart problems?
My names Jacob and i'm 15 years old, almost 16 at the end of the month.Well lately i've been getting these weird feelings in my upper left chest area where my heart is, it feels like my ...

 Have you ever had a heart attack,?
And really thought you were going to die and what were your thoughts when this or any other life threatening situation arose?
Additional Details
I repeat what were your thoughts when ...

 Actos. It is known it can cause edema. What is the mechanism?
Does it impair renal output? Does it cause any renal damage?...

 Wht do doctors run so many tests?
I just got back from the doctors, I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and tender lymph nodes all over. I'm so tired. They had me put a gown on and checked me all over. They are running ...

 How many gallons of blood has a 90yr old man heart pumped with a heart rate of 70ml & stroke volume of 80ml?
How many gallons of blood has a 90yr old mans heart pumped with a heart rate of 70ml & a stroke volume of 80ml?...

 Why is the right side of my heart enlarged?
Ive been looking at other peoples questions similar to this. Some of the information helps but, others not.

The Problem with me is that about 3 years ago i started having ...

 is something wrong with my heart?
when i breathed in, the left side of my chest was really sore. then i burped a few times and it wasn't sore anymore.

i cant feel my heart beating ever....

 can you still get the h1n1 nasal spray if you have a heart Murmur?
please i need to know!!!...

 is it normal a couple months like four after heart surgery to get dizzy when you?
are standing and moving around. what can cause this does any one know. ...

when you are brought into the hospital because of a car accident, what blood tests do they do on you and what?
do the results show? please be specific so i can understand the tests. thanks

What kind of tests are performed depend on the severity of the accident, and what your presenting symptoms are. If the accident was severe and you appear seriously injured, typical blood tests will include a CBC (mainly looking for blood loss), basic electrolytes (looks for acute renal disturbances or electrolyte abnormalities which may be acutely detrimental to you heart), a blood type and crossmatch (for the possibility of you needing a blood transfusion), and possibly coagulation studies (namely PT and PTT - to rule out clotting disorders which may be underlying or the result of severe trauma). Your urine may be sent to check for myoglobin (which can cause kidney failure and is released with severe muscle damage), and you may be checked for drug/alcohol levels if there is a question of intoxication resulting in the crash. You may also get a variety of X-rays - chest and pelvis are pretty routine with any severe crash, as well as any limbs that look abnormal or that you complain about. If there was loss of consciousness a head CT is usually done, and frequently X-rays or CT of the neck will be done to check for spine fractures.

For any trauma, the blood tests that are run are more or less the same. You might hear a nurse instructed to "draw a rainbow". What this means is that the nurse (or whoever draws your blood) will get at least one of each color blood collection tube (the different colors are meant for different types of testing and have different types of additives inside the tubes). For instance, blood will be drawn for a blood count (a purple top, to check red cell, white cell, platelet, hemoglobin and hematocrit counts), for type and cross (plain red top, in case you need to receive blood), toxicity screens (gray top, to check for alcohol or drug use), chemistries (speckle top, to check metabolic panels including potassium, blood sugar and so on), clotting studies (light blue top, make sure your blood is clotting correctly) and usually a couple of extra speckle tops for back up.

That's what "drawing a rainbow" is. Because those of us who work in emergency medicine often use a lot of abbreviations and weird acronyms, you might not understand what is going on. In a trauma, there are a lot of people in the room shouting at each other. There's a lot of activity and it can get confusing. If you want to know what's happening, just ask. There will usually be one person who will stay with you and tell you what's going on.

I hope this helps.


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