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 About High Blood Pressure?
Hi everybody. I will really appreciate the help. five days ago for first time in my life I had High Blood Pressure. I am 32 years old,male, I am not practicing sports since 5 years ago but I quit ...

 How long mother will be in hospital?
I was just wondering if anyone knows how long my mother should be away for?
She has "prolapse bowl" and has to have an operation.

 heart/chest pain while running?
okay i run crosscountry, and today i went on a 9 mile run with somefriends, and at the begginingg of the run the left of my chest started to hurt. It felt like someone was putting pressure on my ...

 cardiac rehabilitation programs?
went for a stress test regarding recent chest discomfort and blood pressure being high that was on 3rd of december got a letter today saying due to recent diagnosis i have been passed on to the ...

 Am I having heart burn?
I believe i am having bad heart burn. Lately the left side of my chest has been hurting. I am 23 years old and am in fairly good shape. My parents are both nurses and are telling me it just heart ...

 Why doctor's and surgeons have you fast the night before a operation?
What's the reasoning for this? Does it help with the operation or something?

Medical professionals only please answer

Thank You....

 IF you get a heart attack, are you sure to die?

 port insertion for chemotherapy should be done by cardiovascular surgeon or general surgeon?

 what are the manifestation of having a hypokalemia?

 I've always had a fast heartbeat, I think. But now I've been noticing that I do have a fast heartbeat.
And everytime I check my hearbeat I'm usually nervous or something and it's above 120. Also I can't really breathe properly, and that mucus was dripping down into my throat. Doctor ...

 I have a high pulse for the first time in my life. It was 100 and went to 109, and blood pressure is 77/56.?
I've had a heart attack and had a stent put in my RCA. A yr later i had a stroke. I've been having trouble with my speech for a month now. Today Nov 11, 2007, I dosed off and I checked my ...

 How many hours do you have to fast before having blood work done?
Can you drink water?...

 What is your heart rate when you are having a heart attack?

Additional Details
I was already at the doctor when it reached 160 ! and my husband said that was VERY high and then it got us to wondering how high it is when you have a heart attack.. ...

 coronary bypass?

 What is a homeopathic physician?
about declogging blocked ...

 is it safe to take cardenafil if you have had a allergic reaction to a dye,like i.v.p dye in a heart cath.?

Additional Details
according to a pharmacist in the memphis va.hosp.-there should be no danger at all.--...

 Does anyone know what inlarged cardiac Silhouette means and diminished pulmonary expansion means ?
This was in a report from an x ray on a 4 year old boy. we would like to have an idea of what we are up against before we go back to the doctors for the results....

 Recovery after a heart transplant?
I'm asking this for a story I'm writing... in case you were wondering.

After a heart transplant, how long would someone be in the hospital recovering? And what would it be like (...

 help! my mom went for a check up last 3days because she feels pain on her throat..?
ok.my grandma died because she has goiter..the sister of my mom has undergone an operation in her throat.and now my mom! the dr. said that my mom should undergo an operation after this week because ...

 Anyone ever get skipped beats?
Or the feeling that their heart sort of quivers? I've been getting a lot recently, sometimes a few a minute and I wondered if anyone else experiences this, and what you do if you do?...

linda k
what would make your blood pressure suddently rise and go back down within five minutes? could it be atrial f
My blood presuure will rise and fall within a matter of five minutes. I get very week and my arms feel heavy. This feeling stops at my waist. What would cause this?

Blood pressure rises and falls all day long.
But if your feeling weak go get a check up you might need meds.

a very stressful situation maybe?

Daiquiri Dream
It could be orthostatic hypotension. With this, any changes in position, such as from lying to sitting up suddenly, or from sitting to standing will change your blood pressure too drastically (from a higher number to a much lower number). Blood pressure medications can cause this, but you need to let your doctor know. They can change the dosage you are receiving.
Some people have a normally lower blood pressure & this may occur. Things that can help are: change positions more slowly, stay well hydrated, get up slowly from a lying position & let your feet dangle from the side of the bed. Try to avoid standing suddenly, because your blood pressure can drop too quickly & you could pass out & fall. Let your doctor know about your symptoms.

The body can release a burst of epinephrine from your adrenal glands, also called adrenaline, when it feels a stressor coming on. Sometimes you might not even know why. Some people get it from things as simple as meeting strangers or social interaction. anyway the epinephrine is a powerful chemical that stimulates both heart rate and contactility (how hard it squeezes) causing blood pressure to sky rocket. The good thing is that this burst of epinephrine is short lived and usually comes back to normal within the half hour or earlier. This is sometimes known as an adrenaline rush or your fight or flight reaction. I hope all is well. If this continues you might be a candidate for low dose beta-blocker therapy.

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