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 Can Heart ejection fraction improve after Bypass Operation?
My father got severe heart attack.The initial investigation by Angiography shows that his heart attack damaged badly resulting the efficiency of heart (ejection fraction) to 30% and blocked the two ...

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ok, i can't use craigslist, ebay, inbox dollars, or garage sales AND im not old enough 2 get a job PLEASE HELP...

 What can cause a massive heart attack or stroke?
And why is there no symptoms ? If you have a massive heart attack or stroke do you feel any thing ?

If you over weight , not eating healthy , no exercise ,bad food , junk food and just ...

 if a person has suffured a minor stroke is it possible for that person just begin to cry for no reason?
due to the fact they are not sure when it happened? thank you for your time also anything else I should be looking out for t/y ...

 what is a good heart beat for an 11 year old?
hehe i just want to know whats a good onee;;
or whats a normal one ...

 visible carotid artery ..?
i saw a person with visible carotid pulsation without any manoeuvre without visible jugular venous pulsation ..he complained of slight pain in the region of heart medial to nipple area ..no other ...

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1.)What is cardiovascular disease caused by? (is it hereditary, contagious, caused by exposure to risk factors, etc.)
2.)What are risk behaviors associated with cardiovascular disease?

 Can anyone tel me what are good foods which should be used to strengthen your heart to avoid an attack?

 Cardiac Pacemaker for these issues?
I am 18 and I have rapid heart rates at rest. I have been on Toprol (a beta blocker) and my symptoms have really affected my life which led to me getting this pacemaker. I also have exercise ...

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 Okay, I need help it's about my heart!?
So the other night me and my boyfriend where laying on his couch. He was writing words on my stomach up near my kidney. I'm ticklish and all of a sudden my heart starts beating irregularly. It ...

 pretty seriousquestion here. I am a 40 year old female whos resting heart rate is about 40 beats?
per minute, as I am very fit. anyway at the moment my heart is beating very abnormally. fast and slow. I will get a few slow ones followed by a few very fast ones and this is not going away. I have ...

 Whats wrong with me? My hearts beating really fast and?
I can't sit comfortably still. Like I have to keep getting up and pacing. I don't know what's wrong and I've been feeling really wierd for four or five hours now. I was having ...

 can you have a stroke from a panic attack?
my bp goes really high when i have one. from 130/90 to 150/100, highest it ever got 150/110! and they don't last for minutes, they last for hours! can any one answer or relate?

 my heart beats very hard and i can see my beats in my chest. i am 27 5'11" and 190# i work construction,active?

 I have cardiophobia, what are the symptons of clogged arteries?
I just need to know the symptoms.

If your naturally thin is there a less chance of getting heart disease?...

 rapid heart rate, any input welcome. thanks?
hi guys, my blood pressure is near 116/76 almost majority of the time i check it. im concerned with my heart rate though, resting is around 80 bpm when normally it used to be 60-65. when i stand up i ...

 Why do Heart attacks causes people to lose hair.?
when my grandpa turned 30 or 31, he had a heart attack, after his heart attack, he started to go bald badly. why do heart attacks cause people to go bald?...

what is reduced cardiac function?

gangadharan nair
The primary function of the heart is to impart energy to blood in order to generate and sustain an arterial blood pressure necessary to provide adequate perfusion of organs. The heart achieves this by contracting its muscular walls around a closed chamber to generate sufficient pressure to propel blood from the cardiac chamber (e.g., left ventricle), through the aortic valve and into the aorta.
Each time the heart beats, a volume of blood is ejected. This stroke volume (SV), times the number of beats per minute (heart rate, HR), equals the cardiac output (CO).
Reduced cardiac function means pumping of oxygenated blood is not normal quantitatively.

When a doctor tells someone that they have "reduced cardiac function" it means that their heart is not working as a healthy heart does. There are many causes for such a condition. There can be cardiomyopathy which is damaged or dead muscle tissue in the heart. It can also be heart rhythm problems, heart valve problems, enlarged left ventricle and several other conditions. It all boils down to the heart being a less efficient blood pump than that of a healthy individual.

Your heart is not pumping as well as it should. It could also mean the beginning stages of heart failure.

It simply means that the heart is not performing as well as it should. This can be due to structural abnormality/damage or disease of the heart which affects the hearts ability to pump blood as it should.

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