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 why does my heart pump so slow.?
for the past few days, ive been going to sleep and my heart is pumping very slow. It feels like if I go to sleep im not going to wake back up. So now im afraid to sleep. Because I dont want to die. W...

 should i goto the docter for heart problems?
well lately i have been feeling my heart beat i did it randomly because i saw a heart disease ad on tv, and some times my heart beats really fast or sometimes i can barley feel my heart. sometimes ...

 episodes of chest pains and elevated blood pressure?
I am 42 year old female. For a few years I have episodes that start as feeling kind of shaky, flush, then get quick extreme pains in left side of chest that shoots thru neck, shoulder and back. My ...

 Hello, does anyone know what a doctor that specializes in hypertension is called?

 What could happen if you were to suddenly stop taking Florinef after taking it for 2yrs?

 Should I go to the doctors?
Okay so I am a teenager who gets bad headaches a lot ans I am ALWAYS wicked dizzy, and I faint sometimes and I get SUPER dizzy a lot. So I have two questions:
1. What do you think is wrong?

 Husband has pain in hips and groin after pelvic angiogram.?
He had it done last Friday and now says he has a burning feeling when urinating. Should we be concerned?...

 Please help I keep getting weird heart beats?
Hey everyone,
Ok well this si really annoying because it is really hard to explain what is happening. The best way I can explain my heart beats is every minute or so I get like this weird heart ...

 Is high cholesterol hereditary?
Most people in my family die of a high cholesterol complication, like heart attack, stroke, liver failure, and a brain tumor (which I don't know if that has anything to do with cholesterol or ...

 Heart Rate Question.......?
Yesterday, I measured my heart rate as 51/60 first thing in the morning. I ate a lot, too, about 1800 calories. I exercised for about an hour.

Also, I went up to a very high elevation ...

 is there such thing called a natural high?
I dont mean like drugs but like in your brain your always mellow and always happy?...

 from what age can we use minoxidil?

 Natural Cures for Irregular Heartbeat?
I've had irregular heartbeat episodes which came on sporadically for many years. Originally, they seemed to begin from stress related working conditions or from just getting angry or upset about ...

 I have Ebsteins anomaly but I cannot afford to get surgery. How long do i live?
I live in the rural erea of the philippine. My Doctor want me to get surgery in 1998 but I cannot afford to pay, instead I take medication morning and night. I do not have job but simple house hold ...

 I have been told that my right coronary artery is 100% blocked and that my heart has grown 3 bypass segments.?
I am 54 years old and the survivor of a full miocardial infarcation 9 years ago and I have had 4 stents placed in my heart on two separate occasions. I am attempting to understand how the body can ...

 How often should you get your cholesterol checked?
How often should you get your cholesterol checked if you are having problems controling it?...

 is it normal for my resting heart beat to be 95bpm?

 when will my families first ebt card arrive?
its the first time i applied im in NJ...

 Could this be a stroke? something else? my mom all of a sudden went blind in both eyes for about 3 minutes?
not completely but she said everything was moving around and distorted. she could not see or get up and before it happened she said it felt like her head was going to explode. like things in her head ...

 why do the pupils in my eyes never dilate?
Even in the dark the pupils in my eyes stay tiny, they never dilate.. Ive had eye tests and my sight is fine but my pupils are tiny.
Additional Details
Its other people who,ve pointed it ...

what is a normal blood pressure for a 14 year old female?
is 69/45 too low?

A healthy athletic teenage female would range around 100/60 or 110/70 in general. Maybe 10 points either way, but below 90 could indicate problems.

gangadharan nair
The normal blood pressure of a 13 year old boy/girl is 118/60. You may have got hypotension.
Consult a pediatrician.

Yes that is very low. Average should be in the ball park of 110/70.
That is just a number though and everyone is different. The amount of exercise you do and what foods you eat will play a big role.
But yes 69/45 is quite low.

Dr Frank
Around 120/80 the same as an adult.

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