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 I have a fast heartbeat. It's over 120bmp. Any Advice?
I don't smoke , drink, drugs,caffine..etc. nothing like that.
It's just when i'm laying down and walking around(not running). sit down and stand up... My heartbeat is going over 12...

 watching tv gives you heart disease?
in the daily mail the other day there was an article about a survey on heart disease. something about people dying from watching tv. i think it was a load of rubbish but is it actually true? ...

 I cant lose weight!!! I work out 5+ times a week with a trainer for over an hour. HELP!!!?
OK, I have had a personal trainer for two months now. I go to him 5 times a week for one hour. I usually stay after our session to get in more cardio. I have made a 180 in the way that I eat. What in ...

 What are some ways to lower of high Cholesterol?
i have high cholesterol and i need ways to lower it.
tips and ways please :)
thank youu
10 points!...

 Do I have low blood pressure?
I only eat twice a day; breakfast(7a.m) and lunch(3p.m) and i'm done. I don't eat meat that much, mostly rice and cereal. The reason I don't eat a lot because I want to be skinny and ...

 I stressed my mom so much she had a heart attack. How do I deal with this?
I hate myself so much. Today, I was really late and angry at my mom for waking me up too late for a meeting that wasn't even important anyways. I knew I had ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to yell at her. A...

 Sometimes for no reason I get a sharp pain in the area where my heart is?
I am young, and relatively healthy. I have no other symptoms except sometimes for no reason I get a stabbing pain in my heart. I am not exercising or exerting any force on my heart. I'm normally ...

 I'm scared my husband wakes up several nights gasping for his breath. He refuses to go see a Dr what do I do?

Additional Details
My husband is 5'7" and around 170 lbs and 42 years old. He seems to be fine when we go to bed but he sometimes wakes me up by his jumping out of bed and ...

 Should i go to the ER or not?
okay so lately i have been having chest pains on and off for almost a week now. And since yesterday i have been feeling tingles in my feet arms and hands. And today while i was at work my arms kinda ...

 Do I have heart disease?
I am nineteen years old and obese. I have been overweight all of my life. I am working on getting into shape, but because I have so much excess weight it is going to take me a long time.


 If you are ECG is normal and your doctor ask for you more test can you refused him?

 Can kids or teen get Hart burn?
Is it possible for a 12 year old to get heartburn?....
my little sister says its something like it.....I didn't know if it was possible. Our aunt and father both have it, so wasn't ...

 Can blood pressure rise THIS high during a panic attack?
I had a panic attack yesterday, because I thought I had ingested too many pain pills... I called the ambulance, and the recorded my blood pressure my blood pressure as 196/124 and my heart rate was 12...

 My father suffering from arrhythmia... Plz help?
My father is suffering from arrhythmia and wants to know that what type of damage to heart it indicates and does it have proper treatment and how much better prognosis will its treatment have....I ...

 what happens if you have LOW blood pressure?

 My blood pressure is 90/65 Pulse is 99 is this bad?

Additional Details
i have also been sick like with a cold/ possibly the flu....

 My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and irreagular heart beat.?
I took my 12 year old daughter into the hospital the other day with chest pains. They did a chest x-ray and found that she had an enlarged heart and irregular heart beat. Her blood pressure was ...

 operation help.......................?
before the operation i thing they take u to a room and make u sleep, do u take ur cloths of, and what do u were, i am having a operation under the belly, that means i have to take every thing of i ...

 do you have to change for a chest xray?
ie... puta gown on...
Additional Details
Even if I wear a cotton shirt??...

 Is triple heart bypass surgery dangerous than most surgeries?
my english's teachers father is having this triple heart bypass surgery. he got this three arteries blocked. i will say it is dangerous. what do you think?...

what happens if you stop taking your a statin drug?
Doctors tell me that I have to take a statin drug for the rest of my life. What would happen if I stopped taking it. Would my cholesterol spike or just return to its former high level? would I keel over dead?

bonnie w
Look at Bill Clinton he stopped and Had to have a quatro by pass surgery. You will probably have a heart attack or stroke.

Don't listen to the "nurse". There are numerous, well done studies that show the benefit (in certain populations) if statin therapy.

If you do choose to stop, your cholesterol will return to a higher level, no "spike".

If you stop taking your statin, your CHOL will go up. Yes. Are you having side effects? In which case I'm sure they can find an alternative for you, but statin is a very good drug...it reduces the risks of strokes and heart attacks. Even though you won't keel over dead it does increase your risk of high CHOL meaning heart disease, stroke, PV disease and you will put yourself at risk and eventually one of THOSE things could make you keel over dead. Your choice.

The pharmaceutical company who makes it will be very upset and try to figure out another way to get you back into their clutches!

Seriously, though...the other answers about the limited benefits of statin drugs and the very real threat to your overall health that they pose is no joke.

If you really want to find out whether you're in danger of a heart attack, ask your doctor about a test for small LDL. This result, along with your triglyceride level, may be the most accurate predictor of cardiac "events."

You may also decide, regardless of those results, that you'd rather not risk the side-effects of statins and instead go the diet, exercise and supplement route.

I've provided some links that might aid you in making that decision.

Good luck and I hope that helps!

You will not drop down dead. The actual risk reductions in cardiovascular events for statins is quite miniscule, the difference in all-cause mortailty in most trials between statin and placebo was no different - so all you are doing is changing the name on a death certificate. Furthermore, the tiny reduction in cardiovascular deaths with statins is less to do with any cholesterol reduction per se, but their effects on certain aspects of inflammation. That being the case you are far better off taking a good quality fish oil, cutting back on omega 6 oils, and avoiding trans fatty acids and sugar.

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