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 What are a biphasic p waves?

 I THINK I had a heart attack and now stroke.?
On Wednesday night, I felt as if left harm was being stab and split open. Woke up Thursday morning same thing, but on my right arm. Felt like an elephant was on it. Now I feel so nausated. About 6 ...

 For a 75 year old man going through triple bypass and corodic artery sugery, what is the rick of death?

 what is a stress echo test my husband went to the hospital today for appointment he keeps losing breath ?
so they say he must have angina he has been on the treadmill last week and today but he has to go back now for a stress echo test he did not ask what that was I would have if I had been there so can ...

 Why do people have high blood pressure?
Quote High blood pressure basically means there is a high peripheral resistance to blood flow when the heart pumps. In terms of blood pressure, it is the diastolic that is usually of more concern (ie ...

 Is it true that sipping or drinking vinegar can lower your high blood pressure or just an old wives tale?
i am black american 35 5'11 190lbs, i do not eat fatty foods,but i do have diabetes and a thyroid problem. This concerns me because i do no eat bad foods, so not sure why i am getting ...

 Heart and steriods?
I have had for a long time what feels like a skipped beat, or double beat, I could feel this as a heavy feeling in my chest, so I knew it was happening. A few months ago I had what the doctor said ...

 I take lipitor it says not to take it with grapefruit does that include orange juice?

 Is it possible to have high and low blood pressure?
Recently been refered to Cardiologist for possible hypertension (averaged with home reading and GPs readings 140/105 over 6 month period). Now i will quickly mention i'm 21, healthy, 7stone, 5ft,...

 Hospital Operations in India ?
if you are an Indian living in India & you need a heart operation...do you have to pay for it ? if you don't have the money...goes the Government pay?

thank you for any answers....

 Question for a physician. Can u read this Hemogram report (blood test)?
Mid population - 10.8%
Red cell distribution width(RDW CV) - 17 fL.
Platelet distribution width - 15.7%

What does this report tell u.
Additional Details
LOL W...

 Is a teenager likely to live through a stroke?
If a 13 year old had a stroke, will they be likely to live?
Additional Details
my best friend just had a stroke, i dont care if its rare....

 what's the difference between systolic and dystolic in blood pressure?

 How much coffee (per day) teeters on heart attack territory?

 Due to someones previous question about Zopiclone how can I wean myself off it,please look at my profile.?
I have been on this for above two years and would like not to have to take it.
It was prescribed after I retired and had some horrific nightmares about my medical history and work related ...

 Can emotional trauma and long-term psychological stress cause a heart attack?

 Are heart Mumurs hereditarial?
My mother has a heart mumur since forever.
And my hearts skips beats for a few seconds at a time once in a while.
Should i be worried? Is it possible that i may have one too?...

 How can i lower my cholesterol? Doc just said theres nothing i can do.?
The doc's told me that i have high cholesterol but he also said that my current diet is absolutely fine and i am already exercising enough already etc, he says there is nothing else i can do to ...

 Did Michael Jackson have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

Additional Details
ehlers danlos...hypermobility in ...

 its about Health! I always have the fear of Heart Attack!?
My dad passed away due to Heart attack.. I 've no sugar,BP,no drinks,no smoking... Even then I;m fear,scar that I may get Heart attack.?...

what does black heart stand for really?

Dawn of the Black Hearts is a bootleg album by Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. It is infamous for bearing a real photo of late vocalist Dead's corpse after his suicide with a shotgun and a knife.

The original version has golden letters on the cover and was limited to 300 copies. Illegally reissued many times afterwards, making it one of the most bootlegged albums in metal history, it was also re-released in a DVD case as release number 001 on Anti-Grishnackh Records

Honestly...I haven't a clue. I found this at Wikipedia

with a heart black as night and eyes that glow like the red hot coals,he stand on the lleft side of the devil.to defend the rich and old

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