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 If someone gets a heart transplant, is it true that they can develop the old heart-owner's characteristics?
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 broken heart????
has anyone really ever died from a broken heart???some days i feel ok, and other days, like today, i feel it can really happen. what do you think???
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 can stress cause high blood pressure?
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i was on a heart monitor for 24 hrs and my heart rate was racing 220 beats per minuate i have a metting with dr in a few days
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4. MILK...

 My blood pressure is 112 over 75 and my pulse is 98. I'm 18, is this ok?

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 If my heartbeat is normal, but i'm having unexplained chest pains?
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 Is my blood pressure/heart rate too high?
My resting heart rate was 67/90 and my resting blood pressure was 140/120.

After running around for a few minutes, my heart rate was 105/90 and my blood pressure was 114/120.


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 IM SO SCARED COULD I HAVE sudden cardiac death omg im scared im 16?
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 Why Does My Heart Skip A Beat?
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 My blood pressure is 165/105.?
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 What type of fats are the major causes of heart disease?

 am i having a heart attack?
i have been having occassional left chest pains, sometimes jolting with left arm/shoulder aching pain. arm and hand sometimes go slightly numb. had car accident 3 wks ago. don't know if any of ...

what are the precautions of heart attack and paralysis?
What should be taken care to an alcoholic person for being safe from heart attack and Paralysis.
I am addicted one and afraid of these two diseases.

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Mayur Agarwal
First Go to a Rehabilitation Centre and try to avoid taking alcohols.

For heart diseases try avoiding too much salty or oily food. Avoid fried items and eat fruits in the dinner and try eating brocolli.

Take suggestion from a physicist.

gangadharan nair
To prevent a heart attack and stroke:
* Keep your blood pressure (get your blood pressure checked every 1 - 2 years, especially if high blood pressure runs in your family), blood sugar, and cholesterol (have your cholesterol checked. If you are at high risk for stroke, your LDL "bad" cholesterol should be lower than 100 mg/dL. Your doctor may recommend that you try to reduce your LDL cholesterol to 70 mg/dL) under control.
* Don't smoke.
* Consider drinking 1 to 2 glasses of alcohol or wine each day. Moderate amounts of alcohol may reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems. However, drinking larger amounts does more harm than good.
* Eat a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in animal fat.
* Eat fish twice a week. Baked or grilled fish is better than fried fish. Frying can destroy some of the health benefits.
* Exercise daily or several times a week. (30 minutes a day if you are not overweight; 60 - 90 minutes a day if you are overweight.) Walking is a good form of exercise. Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise routine.
* Lose weight if you are overweight.
* Follow your doctor's treatment recommendations if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.
* Quit smoking.

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Dr Joy
I mean you are worried about having a Heart Attack or Stroke which might cause paralysis. You have a history of being an alcoholic.
Well first thing is stop alcohol.

1. Since alcohol will stop the fat from your body to get digested properly your cholesterol levels will go up and this will lead to fat deposits in your blood vessels.
2. These deposits are called plaques and are prone to rupture. If the circulation to your brain gets blocked you will have is a stroke and if the blood vessels to your heart gets blocked then the result is a heart attack.
3. exercise, Low fat diet, Cholesterol Control, Blood Sugar control (Diabetes), Blood Pressure control (Hypertension), No smoking and ideal BMI (Body mass ratio) or Lower waist girth is the key to controlling risk for heart attacks and stroke.

if you have been at it for some time - starting now might not be the right method. Know if your blood vessels are already affected. An Exercise treadmill test , A blood level of Cholesterol and liver function tests with fasting and after food blood sugar values should give you a good idea. Do meet your GP for a consultation and seek help for stopping alcohol. If you need to get admitted in a rehab centre please do that too.

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