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 What is to low for diastolic pressure?
My husband had a BP of 124/49 I know that the systolic is fine but the diastolic seems low. Can anyone help me out by giving me a little more insight as to the problems or causes of low diastolic ...

 High cholesterol?
I learned today that my cholesterol is slightly elevated (217). The nurse said to exercise and eat well. How much cholesterol is acceptable daily in a diet if you are trying to lower your cholesterol?...

 who here has had open heart surgery??
please share your expierience.
ive already had it when i was in 3rd grade
i have a concave sternum:which they'll hopefully fix
i have scoliosis which the sternum caused
now ...

 How reliable is the new scan for plaque in your vessels?
I was watching the news the other day and they have a new scan which is much like a CT scan to show plaque build up in your vessels. They were taking people off the street who were obviously ...

 Sudden shock like electricity on mid chest follow by fast heartbeat?
I'm 31 years old weight about 90kg(overweight and1.76cm tall)
Currently i had this attack on my mid chest and felt a sort of shock sensation followed by fast heartbeat.At that time i ...

 My heart hurts sometimes?
Sometimes my heart gets a small sharp pain in it, Im only 20 years old and I don't smoke or drink and my family has a history of being healthy, what could it be?...

 I have heart problems and need a good heart dr. anyone know one?
I am seeing one now but he says I wont make it through any surgery. everyone tells me to get another opinion. I am only 47 years old. If anyone knows a real good one please let me know. around ...

 what is adrenal insufficiency, which cause low blood pressure?
what is going on with ...

 Possible side effect of Coumadin?
Are higher blood pressure (about 20 points) and/or lower heart rate possible side effects od Coumadin that anyone else knows about??? I know that LOWER blood pressure is possible. If not, could it ...

 Perianal Abcess!!?
What makes people more likely to get them than others? My boyfriend has been very healthy up to the age of 47. Since a Hernia operation last summer, he has had two abcess' on two different ...

 How am i living with an unbeating heart?
Ok see i have a heart problem and i some times die for a couple seconds or minutes and my girl friend is the only reason im fighting to stay alive.
She always comforts me when i feel bad.

 My LV Ejection Factor is 15% and I am 62 years old, can this be normal as the rpt states?
Echo R...

 What is medically most advised for patients with exceptionally high cholesterol readings from drawn blood?
What diet makes it betfer? What medications have the history of being of most help?...

 Can my anxiety cause irregular heartbeats even when I don't feel that anxious?
Earlier this summer, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Panic disorder.
I did all the tests....24 Holt-er monitor's...EKG's.....Echo cardiogram.... Cat scans..etc and got the clear, and ...

 What are the affects of a stroke?
In what ways does a stroke affect you?...

 Exactly what does an ECG test tell the doctor about your heart?

 My blood pressure is 110/76. I'm 19yrs old female i weigh 125 and im 5'7. wat does this tell me? is my bp ok?
What does my blood pressure tells me?...

 If keep eating fatty foods, will the cholesterol push some the hate and bitterness out of my heart?

 Are there any health risks associated with high pulse rate?
My resting heart rate is 120bpm.
Also, it's not regular... It speeds up and slows down while I'm resting.

I was talking with a friend on MSN about it, and she reckons I ...

 Shortness of Breath; Difficult to breathe in all the way. Someone, please help if you can?!?!?
I know there's a lot to read below, but anyone who might can help, PLEASE READ it and HELP ME if you can!

For the past 3 days, I have had severe difficulty breathing, I've had ...

my resting heart rate is 135?
thought i'd see what my resting heart rate is and it's 135. Is that too high?

where you just exercising , under some stress, or doing physical activity? If not i would recommend seeing a cardiologist. I have a condition where my resting heart rate is abnormally high, its called tachycardia, and i take medication to slow it down. If i where you i would check my resting, and not resting heart rate a couple times in the next few days, and see where its at.

Probably if you are an adult. While individual pulse rates do vary, a pulse of greater than 100 is referred to as tachycardia which is an accelerate resting pulse rate. Having a pulse of that high means your heart is doing an awful lot of work to pump the blood to your cells. I would usually advice to go see your doctor but in this case I would say go to the Emergency Room. Now. You need a cardiac enzyme panel done.

it is high, but confirm once more and then only decide, for a proper diagnosis further data's needed, every tachycardia may not be of sinus rhythm, so please confirm by an ekg.

john e russo md facm faafp
People in this forum consistently state that the normal resting pulse rate for an adult is 60 to 100 beats per minute which is 2 decades out of date. By 1990 after some 200 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure and pulse studies it was determined that the normal resting pulse for an adult is 50 to 90. Resting pulse means precisely that - taken when not active. When active the pulse may increase but unless there is considerable activity - such as strenuous exercise - it will not increase to 135. You should verify your pulse rate. If you consistently record resting pulse readings in excess of 90 write down the date time and pulse. Report these to your physician. A rapid resting pulse rate places a strain upon the heart and it may also be a sign of a more serious heart rhythm disturbance. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of help and may God bless.

normal resting heart rate is somewhere around 60-75, depends on many factors such as your age, athleticism, and genetic factors. 135 is too high, I get 135 when I sprint pretty hard. Go check it out with your doctor :D

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