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my heart rate was 44 beats per minutes what should i do?

gangadharan nair
Check your blood pressure. You may have fatigue, dizziness, light headedness or fainting. You may have cold hands and feet. Please check whether you have got sick sinus syndrome or AV block.
Consult a cardiologist and implant a pacemaker if so advised.

Learn to check your pulse more accurately?

It's actually reasonably common in healthy, athletic people. Don't panic!
If you feel unwell, see your doctor. If not, don't worry, you are healthy!

Hi. My pulse rate is often in the low 40s and I was recently checked out by a cardiologist because I was dizzy and tired at times. If you can sustain exercise which makes you slightly breathless for a few minutes then you do not have heart disease which is the only bad thing it could be.If you can do that another possibility is that you have an athletic level of fitness? If you are not extremely fit the reason is idiopathic (just a weird thing your body does) and you may find one of your parents also has a low pulse. That was the cause for me.
The doctor will probably not worry unless you have symptoms of heart disease - getting very out of breath with moderate exercise like stairs - or if you feel dizzy or tired with it in which case you may need something to raise it. It is possible you have a fluctuating low pulse and it is only low some of the time and you may be able to control that with coffee if needed (that would also rule out heart disease). If not they do have meds for people whose low heart rate is making them dizzy a lot.

jog for 20 minutes


Angry Seal
44 is amazing. Keep it around that and you'll live a very long and healthy life.

either you measured wrongly (which is most likely), you have a very strong cardiovascular system or you have a problem which you need to seek medical attention immediatlly.

It depends whether or not you are having other symptoms. Very fit people tend to have a lower heart rate because they have better cardiovascular efficiency, if this is the case, a HR of 45 can be a completely normal healthy indication. My resting HR is below 50.

The fitter you are, the larger stroke volume one has and this means more oxygen is distributed to the body with each heart beat. So the fitter you are, the less your heart has to pump to do the job. It's the exact same when you rest and the exact same applies when you exercise.

A very low pulse rate can be tolerated as long as the amount of blood pumped out of the left side of the heart per minute is adequate to oxygenate the brain and the other parts of the body. Once the heart is unable to fulfil this requirement you will become symptomatic.The level this is tolerated at varies from person to person. Below 40 is usually always a problem and is absolute bradycardia. .

Are you experiencing any other symptoms? If not its unlikely to be anything to worry about. If you are, then you need to see your GP. Are you taking any medication at the moment?

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