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 How do i know if i had a stroke going to have a stroke im 14 need help asap?
Well me and my friend were walking to the shops just before school when my site when weird when i tried to look at peoples faces and concentrate on something it would be a black blurry thing and ...

 My INR count is 1.1. I thought normal was .9-1.1. My doc is concerned that this will lead to clots?
I did experience multiple blood clots in my lungs after knee surgery and a flight and 14 hour drive. I have been on wharfamin for 5 months and my doc is alarmed at this 1.1 INR. 63 year old healthy ...

 am 68 yrs old. i can't walk properly.suggest good medicine?

 fainting spells? low blood pressure?
recently i have ben having fainting spells i have passed out 2 times in the last week. i went to the doctor and he said i have low blood pressure?
but i don't trust him i swear hes on crack ...

 what is a normal heart rate for a 19 year old female?
i have taken my resting heart rate a few times and it always comes up at 60 with a slightly irregular beat. i do not exercise on a regular basis apart from walking about 15 minutes a day to and from ...

 I take 80 mg of Lipitor after 3 heart caths. My LDL is 19 and HDL is 54. Should I worry about side effects?
I have had 3 stents implanted in my RCA with 3 different PTCA's in 18 mos and 2 heart attacks..Is 19 in LDL too low? Are other parts of my body going to be negatively impacted by cholesterol ...

 pulse in vein/arteries?
why can we feel a pulse in arteries but not in veins???...

 Why would a pulmonologist send me to a heart specialist?
I went to my appointment to see if I had anything wrong with my lungs because I'm short of breath all the time and I was diagnosed with asthma as a child.

My lungs checked out fine ...

 High Blood Pressure....?
Well, its that time of year....again.

Over the summer, I went to the doctor. I had just eaten mcdonalds and had a very stressful day(perhaps even drank some caffeinated drinks, not sure) ...

 why do people get heart attack .the person who answers please send a animated diagram of what happens then?

 As a sleep i feel my heart beat goes up, swaeting all over body and pressure and sentation in all body.?
As i wake up and in minutes i feel ok. am getting very dipressed with this problem from last 20 days....

 How can we prevent epistaxis?
Do experience it a lot esp when i cant breath ......

 what is a good way to lower blood pressure?
I want help lowering blood pressure naturally I would like to go off of my meds if possible. I would like to know the right types of foods and drinks and self care I can do Thanks in advance....

 URGENT!! Heart Attack?
I was not doing anything in particular when I felt a burning sensation in the palm of my left hand. I looked at it to see a bulging vein about the length of a dime. It was many times it's normal ...

 Will our troll's heart . . .?
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 Do you remember at time when your heart hurt so badly...?
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 Are you taking the drug Digitek or Digoxin?
You must read this:

My daughter is very likely to have died due to this manufacturing mistake. P...

 Does vegetarians have lower cholesterol level ?
Due to my high bad cholesterol level. See link.


I am considering ...

 Is there a herb that will open up blood vessels more?
I am taking Adalat XL together with my blood pressure pills. They are making me completely exhausted (have looked up side effects) I cannot function properly, just have to lay down. Since taking ...

 What does it mean if someone has high blood HDL Cholesterol and low LDL Cholesterol levels?
Here are the exact lipogram (or whatever they call it) results:

S. Cholesterol: 146 mg/dL (Normal level: up to 200 mg/dL)

S. Triglycerides: 99.7 mg/dL (Normal level: 60 to 165 ...

my blood pressure is 166/98, is that to high?

Additional Details
I am 58 years old,my weight is 98 lbs, 5'4. (I have always been skinny.) I am a smoker.(less than a pack a day) I

Not if you're going for the world's record.

Okay, seriously, you need to lower it.

First of all, you should stop smoking. You've probably heard this a thousand times already, so I won't dwell on it other to say that it's not as important to high blood pressure as you've probably been led to believe. It does, however, contribute to the problem, and for this reason, you should quit.

Now let's discuss what causes high blood pressure:

Every cell in the body needs important nutrients that are delivered by water and salt. One of salt's functions is to remove the toxins from the cells. If the cells don't receive these nutrients, they malfunction, resulting in health problems.

When you don't drink enough water, the body rations the water, making it available to those major organs that absolutely couldn't survive without water, such as the brain, liver, kidneys, etc. This creates an even further water shortage to the cells, so the next thing is for the body to go in search for other water sources. Because the blood contains 94% water and salt, this is one of the more common sources of water the body uses to inject into the cells.

Borrowing the water from the blood causes the arteries to constrict because of the loss of fluid. In addition, the blood thickens - much like a sauce thickens on the stove top as the water evaporates. This requires the heart to have to exert more pressure to pump the thickened blood through the tightened cardiovascular system - resulting in the high blood pressure readings.

As the blood thickens, the salt that was mixed with the water gets concentrated. It's this concentrated salt that doctors are calling "excess salt" and telling people to quit eating salt. Now you have a water deficiency AND a salt deficiency - it's no wonder that the next step is medications. I mean, you need SOMETHING to keep the blood pressure stable - even if it is artificially.

You can fix the problem yourself by clicking on the link below and following the protocol. There are some suggested supplements - it would be a smart move to make the investment. Correcting the problem involves a little bit of a lifestyle change, but keep in mind that you can't keep doing the same things and expect different results.

If you are on medications, do NOT stop taking them unless a doctor directs you to do otherwise.

Yes. Rogue has good advice which I will elaborate on. You need to maintain a normal weight, avoid salty foods, drink lots of water, exercise daily and eat a healthy diet and no smoking. If all else fails to bring these numbers down, then you need to work with your family physician to find a blood pressure medication which will lower these numbers.

That would have to depend on the time of day you took your blood pressure.

The Value you have given at first glance is very high and is abnormal and should be checked out immediately as it is way above the normal value (120/80).

However, if you took your blood pressure under the following conditions then it would be completely normal to see those values:

1) at around 8 am in the morning
2) after exercise
3) after extreme emotional stress
4) when nervous or anxious
5) right after eating
6) after the consumption of caffeine
7) after smoking

if any of the above conditions apply then your value is very normal.
proper way to take blood pressure would be to sit for 15 minutes calmly before measuring

that is on the high side.
cut your salt intake, and watch your weight.

john e russo md facm faafp
No decision should be based upon a single reading. A reading must be accurate and reproducible. If this is an accurate reading then it is 'too high' and then the question should be asked as to what too high means. Blood pressure varies during the course of the day. The difference from the lowest to the highest reading may vary by as much as 50/25 mm Hg. The highest readings of any given day are most often found in the physician's office. This has led to an effort to define the best time and place to take a blood pressure reading. Blood pressure is most consistent and varies the least when it is taken immediately upon awakening. A 1st thing in the morning blood pressure should be 115/075 mm Hg. For every 20/10 mm Hg above this there is a doubling of cardiovascular risk. Thus a 1st thing in the morning blood pressure of 135/085 mm Hg implies twice the risk of a 1st thing in the morning blood pressure of 115/075 mm Hg. I must emphasize however that if you are going to take your blood pressure at home that your unit must be tested for accuracy by your physician. I know of only one study which evaluated over-the-counter blood pressure units for accuracy and reproducibility. They recommended Omron and ReliOn. Consumer Reports rated the ReliOn a 'Best Buy' as it was less expensive. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.

A normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 and a blood pressure greater than 140/90 is considered to be in the high blood range. Therefore this blood pressure is elevated. If your blood pressure is elevated in this range on several occasions, then it is by definition hypertension. If it is persistently elevated then you will likely need a blood pressure lowering medication.

There are actually many things you can do to help lower your blood pressure besides medication. Dietary changes can help improve your blood pressure. This includes decreasing your salt intake to less than 2 grams daily, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. The diet associated with the greatest reduction in blood pressure is the DASH diet, which includes a lot of fruits and vegetables. I will leave a link about it if you are interested. Regular aerobic exercise will also lower your blood pressure. This can be any aerobic exercise you would like, such as walking, running, swimming, biking, etc. You should do this for at least 1 hour 5 times weekly, but you can start lower than this if you are out of shape. If you are overweight then even a small amount of weight loss will improve your blood pressure. Also if you drink in excess you should reduce this to less than 2 drinks daily if you are male or 1 drink daily if you are female. Excessive alcohol intake is associated with elevated blood pressure. Good luck.


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