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my blood pressure is 155/102?
im 16..
is it serious ? and what could happen to me??
cuz usually my blood pressure is around 124..
but today i got this feeling like sth is stuck inside my neck
and my head hurts ...wats wrong?
Additional Details
i told my mom and she doesnt care ..she just said ' thats becuz u dont eat any vitamin-c. dont tell me that ur sick it's ur fault." ...

a few things to consider.

where did you have your blood pressure taken? was it at a clinic? at home? at one of those kiosks at the store?

if you sat down at one of those free automated blood pressure kiosks, then be aware that often times those machines have been so badly abused that they are no longer calibrated correctly.

was this the first or only time that your blood pressure has been elevated like this?

consider what you were doing prior to checking your blood pressure, exertion, either mental or physical, can cause temporary spikes in your blood pressure.

think about re-checking your blood pressure again after a rest, to see if your numbers are still elevated.

also, since you are 16, i am going to assume that you have access to a nurse at your school. another option would be to stop in to see them and ask if they will check your bp. if it is elevated, they can counsel you on how to approach your parents, as well as advise you regarding contacting a doctor if necessary.

if you have any concerns, i would advise you to contact your family doctor.

A b/p of 155/102 is too high and is out of normal range. A headache is a classic sign of b/p but sometimes there are no symptoms. There are many different reasons why your b/p might be high for instance, emotions like being angry or anxious or depressed. Also your at higher risk if you are overweight or smoke . If your b/p stayed that high it could be serious and you would need to seek medical attention.

Ok you need to see a doctor thats not too healthy and is deffinatly not due to a lack of vitamin c

155 (systolic) is how much pressure there is when your heart is pumping and 102 (diastolic) is when your heart is at rest.

the normal limits for systolic is 90-130 and for diastolic 50-90. yours is a bit higher than this you said its generally around 124 and that's normal if this is not going on for a long period of time then it was probably just due to something temporary like infection or stress or some medications can cause this. the feelings of illness are prob due to the increase of blood pressure. your doctor should check you out though just to make sure everything is ok its not good to have that blood pressure for a long time.

im a first year student nurse so im not anywhere near as good as a qualified nurse of doctor.

hope you feel better soon :)

If its just a temporary rise and quickly goes back to within normal limits then dont worry too much...our BP rises and falls all day...If it commonly gets this high then you ned to see the doctor for assessment.

If you took this reading on one of those public/free machines then I wouldnt even call it a reliable reading...For best results get your blood pressure tested by a nurse or doctor and even at the chemist they sometimes offer this service.

I have my own machine which I take to the doctors every now and then to check its still accurate. If you have a machine at home..sit quietly for a few minutes then take your BP...take it 3 times in 10 minutes and watch it drop...if you are anxious or upset the reading will be affected. Pain like a headache can also raise your BP.

At 16 you are old enough to go to the doctors by yourself...although I believe the USA medical system is different to our Australian one where its free for children and teens up to 16 yrs of age.

First off, tell your parents and get to the doctor. I had that sort of thing happen to me as well but, mind you, I am 44 and it has turned out to be a problem with my thyroid. Blood Pressure elevations like that are NOT good!

Make sure you are drinking enough water!! Bloodpressure goes up if you don't get enough fluids. You are awful young to be having this problem. Do you have a weight problem? Too much weight drives the bloodpressure up!!!I If so loose some weight. Just get out and walk an hour everyday, or exercise. Are you a couch potatoe? If you exercise then your weight will go down and your bloodpressure will disappear.

I think you might have high blood pressure from one of your parents or both, OR you're just excited about something, you're worrying too much about your pain. It can be anxiety.

Have 9 hours of sleep and then wake up. if your blood pressure doesnt drop, then you have high blood pressure or something.

Your mom doesn't care? Tell her this. "Mom, do you want me living or not."

u should go to the doctor so he can check it out because if u leave it like that you'll get kidney failure on the long run....the kidney work extra hard when u have high blood pressure because they are trying to reduce plaque or other things in ur urine

gangadharan nair
You have got Hypertension Stage 2.
Please check your kidney (for microalbuminuria), heart (for cardiomyopathy) and retna ( for hypertensive retinopathy).
High blood pressure increases the heart's workload. Over time, this can cause the heart muscle to thicken. As the heart pumps against elevated pressure in the blood vessels, the left ventricle becomes enlarged and the amount of blood pumped by the heart each minute (cardiac output) goes down. Without treatment, symptoms of congestive heart failure may develop.
High blood pressure can cause damage to blood vessels in the eyes. The higher the blood pressure and the longer it has been high, the more severe the damage is likely to be.
Your health care provider can see narrowing of blood vessels, and excess fluid oozing from blood vessels, with an instrument called an ophthalmoscope. The degree of retina damage (retinopathy) is graded on a scale of I to IV.
At grade I, no symptoms may be present. Grade IV hypertensive retinopathy includes swelling of the optic nerve and of the visual center of the retina (macula). Such swelling can cause decreased vision.

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