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life expectancy for this person?
67 year old male, had a heart attack a couple of months ago, still lives in a-fib, has a family history of heart disease, eats pretty healthy and exercises almost daily
how dangerous is living in a-fib for him and how long before his heart gives out?

bob v
whatever is a fib.
heart attacks are not usually the problem. its cancer or accidents. i bet if any thing he'll live be a old old man

Living with chronic a-fib can have some side effects. Basically since his atrium is fluttering it doesn't pump blood out of it efficiently which can lead to a blood clot. A blood clot in the heart is a serious problem if it blocks blood flow to the heart it can lead to ischemia and eventually even myocardial infarction(Heart attack). As far as how long he'll live it really is impossible to put a time on anyones head. It all depends on the individual. All he can do is see his doctor, live a healthy life, and call 9-1-1 at the first sign of chest pain, a common symptom of a heart attack. Hope this helps.

im 20 and i live in A-Fib and also have a heart disease.
He should be fine i asked my doctor that the other day if been in AF is going to kill me he said its annoying but it wont kill you inless you dont take blood thiners then it could give you a heart attack all stroke.

dude I
A Fib can generally be controlled to some extent with medication. His longevity depends on many other things, Family History of Longevity, damage to heart with the recent attack, other problems as examples diabetes and stress in his life.

You might talk with his Physician and ask him this questions as he would know the patient history and would more likely give you more definitive answers. (Because of HIPPA regulations, you will have to have this man present with the Physician or have a written copy that it is OK to talk with you.

Good Luck

Memere RN/BA
My husband had 3 heart attacks 20 yrs ago, he was only 40, He lives with only 1/3 heart function. He's on a lot of meds and has a-fib. All his ekg are perfect. He exercises, eats right and gets plenty of rest. No one can tell you how long a person is going to live with an ailment they have. When it's time for them to leave this earth, nothing can stop it. WE trust in the Lord all the time and I know that has helped.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
I think he has excellent will power, the guy is not giving up.He is leading a better life that those timid ones :>). One day his Afib will go away as he guts to fight. In my opinion he will live a normal and better span of life. Atleast he is fighting. I wish him all the success.

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