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 OMG do i have infarction?
Okay, Someone said i might have it so i researched it and it said SUDDEN DEATH!!
-I do not have chest pain but my heart is beating off..
-My upper arm feels kinda numb and restless.

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 TSH results what does it mean?
I just got my TSH results back! I do not understand what it means. Can anyone help me to understand my results
TSH 0.40
What does this mean
Additional Details
I would tend to ...

 cholesterol erasing tea?
which kind of tea gets rid of the most cholesterol?...

 I think i have low blood pressure?
Is it heritage, natural or i got it because i am not healthy?

Last time i took my granparents Blood pressure measurer and it shows i have low blood pressure. I am only 14....

 I have Heart Palpitations and is really bothersome.?
I am 16 and have no history of heart conditions or diseases. I am quite overweight by around 20 pounds but NOT obese. I am tall (about abit more than 6 feet). I have Asthma, but I did'nt have ...

 my mom and sister have heart problems, could this make me more susceptible to heat exhaustion?
my mom and sister have heart arrhythmia's, and i have trouble with getting heat exhaustion more quickly than most people. if im out exercising too long, even if i have been drinking water, i ...

 will i get Cardiomyopathy?
i know cardiomyopathy is genetic, my mom has it and i was wondering what my chances of getting it were. she developed it more then ten years after i was born, doctors think it was from a virus. i ...

 Have any of you ever heard your heart beat in your ear when going to sleep?
I was woken up all of a sudden and couldnt go back to bed , yet i was hearing my heartbeat in my ear while lying down ! whats that from
Additional Details
Could it be because of anxiety ?...

 Is kawasaki Disease Treated?
If the past years you are attacked with the disease kawasaki, and then the next years, you are not attacked by it, is it cured? What are the cause? Is it by eating too much or others.If you have your ...

 will niacin lower blood pressure?

 I've been having chest pains, but what tests can check for heart problems?
I'm 14 weeks pregnant so I'm 90% the "pains" are heartburn but I do go to my OBGYN tomarrow and going to request having my heart checked.
What ways can a doctor check for ...

 Blueish/Purpleish fingernails?
At the bed of my fingernails they look kinda blueish or purpleish..I have already went to an emergency room twice and a clinic once to get them checked...all three of them said they dont really see a ...

 How do you cure a broken Heart?

 How do i overcome the fear of thinking i will have a heart attack even though i'm only 22?
I think it all started when i had panic attacks a couple months ago and since then i have been worrying of getting a heart attack. I do not have panic attacks anymore because i was taking medication, ...

 My heart beat is abnormal?
Whenever I'm just laying in bed relaxing, all of a sudden my heart will speed up and make a really weird heart beat. It feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chess and its really loud. U...

 what does it mean when your trowing up blood?

 Do I have hypertension if this happens to me....?
For the past year if I stand up fast everything gets darker all of a sudden, but recently that's gone away, and instead when I stand up from a laying or sitting position (even if I stand up ...

 cant a heart rate of 164 kill a 33 year old?

 what are the symptoms of high blood pressure? ?
and are there any foods or drinks that you can eat/drink to help reduce? how can i lower it?...

is 47 beats per minute too low at rest for your heart beat?
i exersize 6 days a week and i have a good diet and an active job

gangadharan nair
Well trained athletes have the pulse rate of 40-60 beats per minute. Hence your pulse rate is normal. Otherwise, this medical condition is known as bradycardia and it should be corrected by the implantation of an artificial pacemaker.

Most Adults' heart beats 60-80 per minute, but my first-aid book says that some very strong adults may have a lower heart beat

It should be about 60 for women & 70 for men, but someone who exercises a lot it sounds about right at 47

No it depends whether or not you are symptomatic. Very fit people tend to have a lower heart rate because they have better cardiovascular efficiency, if this is the case, a HR of <50 can be a completely normal healthy indication. My resting HR is about 46.

The fitter you are, the larger stroke volume one has and this means more oxygen is distributed to the body with each heart beat. So the fitter you are, the less your heart has to pump to do the job. It's the exact same when you rest and the exact same applies when you exercise.

A very low pulse rate can be tolerated as long as the amount of blood pumped out of the left side of the heart per minute is adequate to oxygenate the brain and the other parts of the body. Once the heart is unable to fulfil this requirement you will become symptomatic.The level this is tolerated at varies from person to person. Below 40 is usually always a problem and is absolute bradycardia. .

Are you experiencing any other symptoms? If not its unlikely to be anything to worry about. If you are, then you need to see your GP.

Dr Frank
A low resting rate in a patient who regularly exercises is a measure of their fitness and is of no medical concern.

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