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 I have anxiety, fear of heart problems, can i prescribe myself baby aspirin?
some might think im silly, but im serious. is it ok for a 17 year old to take baby aspirins a day?...

 Jason:I am a cardiac patient. I cannot exercise.Doc.knows nothing to do. I have tried several natural product
These have not helped. I have outlived my gr.mother and mother and dad with the same problem. Type 1 diabetic also. I have researched many sites. I need help!! I am 51 yrs. have 15 gr.children ...

 how serious is supraventricular tachycardia?

 this is about super ventricular tachacardia?
ok i am 24 with svt "super ventriculat tachacardia and i was wondering if anyone with svt can get a abalation procedure or just certain cases!they did not offer me this and they put me on a beta ...

 Is it my heart or my lungs?
I had a lot of cupcakes and sweets today and I haven't been getting much sleep lately

... My heart or my lungs feel weird and every couple of hours it feels like something is ...

 my aunt is suffering from dyspnea. she is in hospital.?
Dr. says that beside having leaky valves, she has some problem in lungs too. Can anybody guide me what could be the problem, as Drs. are not calrifying me....

 I am having surgery at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, will I have my own room to recover in?

 i have panic attacks severely, but the doctors say my heart is good but i am still scared, should i be?
i had a heart cath done four years ago and it came back great, but i still have chest pains and i get sharp pains in my neck every once in a while and my teeth or jawbones hurt. i am 29 years ...

 Anyone who suffered a heart attack and survived it?
Just wondering if there is anyone out there who suffered a heart attack and survived it? What was the experience like? Did you panic? Did you feel like you were going to die? What were you basically ...

 my heart beat rate is 42?

 does cafine make people go hyper?

 What is the best manual blood pressure measuring unit? manual with good stethoscope? Any suggestions? Thanks.?

 need help with this?
i've heard that a stroke can occur after a heart attack.
how is that possible if two different reagons of the body are affected.

i know that a stroke occurs when there is a lack ...

 what does it mean when someone says i heart my bed?

 pulse and blood pressure?
if you were attempting to take your pulse while measuring your blood pressure why must pulse be measured on the non-cuffed arm?...

 Heart rate at 20 years old?
My heart rate is around 75-80 beats per min at rest. I am 5'9 and 125 lbs so im not fat at all people actually say im too skinny. But my family has a history of high blood pressure. And i know ...

 How come my heart beat?
My heart beat is always regular, I sometimes count the beats and it's usually 70-75, then when I go to bed it speeds up a little, it goes to 80-85, it never goes over 90 and I know that unless ...

 how can you help if you have calcification in your heart?
I heard thats how ritter died and with all the crap i eat i may be facing that too ( i eat at least a cake a day). so other than stop eating cake what else can i do?...

 such condition?
Is there such a condition where people pass out for no reason because of their heart?...

 What is normal after open heart surgery?
My mother is a diabetic and went in to the hospital with chest pains, after about a week they said she most have open heart surgery asap. We all hugged her, she seemed totally fine, before going ...

tina k
if your blood pressure is 100 over 60 is that good?

That sounds good.......

pamela d
lt sounds good to me

gymnast to phlebotomist
Well its not bad. There isn't really a perfect blood pressure. It depends on your age, weight, height and activity level. With that blood pressure I would assume that you are athletic. Anything below 120/80 is considered normal. As you get older it tends to rise. As long as it doesn't go as high as 140/90 or as low as 80/45 I wouldn't worry. keep monitoring it and if you feel dizzy or lightheaded have someone drive you to a hospital or clinic and get checked out. I don't think you will need to though. 100/60 is normal as long as the 60 (diastolic) doesn't increase greatly when you exercise I would say you have nothing to worry about.

Jo M
It depends on your height, weight, are you taking any medications? The list goes on forever. 100/60 is not something I would freak out over on one of my patients but it is on the low side of healthy. If you are other wise healthy then you are probably good to go.
Monitor it. if you get any symptoms of lightheadedness then see your doctor.

Your blood pressure is normal for a young person or athlete.
Normal blood pressure for an older adult is 120 over 80.

Blood pressure of 140 over 90 usually requires treatment.

Yes your top number is your systolic and your bottom number is your diastolic if your top number is 140 and your bottom number is 80 thats when You need to be treated for high blood pressure

Sounds fine to me. All BP's are different a high BP is classified (in the UK) as a diastolic..... bottom.... figure of 90 or above consistantly. Low BP is a systolic....top..... figure of below 100 however many people have a naturally low BP with no effects. (If the systolic falls below 75 this will affect your kidneys.)

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