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 What has he misunderstood?
An individual visits a doctor and the doctor tells them their ECG reveals a defective mitral valve and a heart murmur. What could the patient have misunderstood from the doctor when he explained the ...

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b) III only
c) II and III only
d) ...

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Am 23 I have a very high blood pressure.
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I already know the cardiovascular system, but are there any others? I'm working on a project, and I really need some info! Thx pplz
♥'s rule!...

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 can u tell me any body who is a big terrorest or killer in world USAMA or BUSH?
i want a fair and clear result of ur mind and honesty result the voice of ur heart....

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 my heart just started recently to...?
my heart recently started to like skip beats every once in a while but once it does it once it does it twice. i dont know if this is something i should worry about... (im only 15)...

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It happens when I start walking but goes away after a while....

Ultra violet
if someone died suddenly, how can I tell if it's a heart attack or stroke?

I'd ask a doctor.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
I agree with Dr. Deth's answer. There are many causes of sudden death, now known as SDS, sudden death Syndromes.

michael G

Dr. Deth
might be neither one - an autopsy would tell you.

I <3 My Hamster Smokey!

By reading the coroner's report.


Matthew 1st Gospel
there are two kinds of heart attack, I suspect you are talking about cardiac arrest where the pacemaker stops. If it was a blood clot in the heart, there would probably be warning signs and the person would have time to tell you about chest pains and such. There are also two kinds of stroke. You are probably talking about hemorrhagic stroke because blood clots are more survivable and less sudden. Between the 2 sudden death types of pacemaker and hemorrhagic, it is difficult to tell which one it is. Autopsy or examine the CSP for blood. If CSP has blood then it's hemorrhagic stroke. If not then most likely it's pacemaker death. If the death certicate says "natural causes" then they don't know or there was no autopsy.

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