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 heart problems, please answer?
currently my heart hurts all the time, like an achey muscle, with the occassional bad pains. it beats really hard/fast constantly, i am out of breath a lot and can feel it pounding out of my chest ...

 What's a heart murmur??

 what is your normal blood pressure?

 Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?

 How long can I go safely without taking my blood pressure medicine?
I have been out of my medicine for a almost a week. I can't get a refill without seeing the doctor first. Due to car problems I haven't been able to make it to the doctor. Can't be ...

 What would cause a young man to have a heart attack? ?
My husband had a confirmed heart attack when he was just 22 years old (5 years ago) Since then, he's had at least 2 incidents that felt like another attack...but when we got to the ER he wasn...

 how can someone damage their kidneys,also i have protein leaking out.?
My husband kidneys are damaged, and also they are leaking protein in his urine. How could this have happened?...

 Can Chest irritation be Anxiety related ?
Male 22,

I have this wierd chest pian/irritation that come and goes.
Sometimes my left arm goes numb!
I am suffering from really bad Anxiety Disorder since I had Panic Attack in L...

 what should i do to decrease my cholesterol level?
i'm still 19 but i got familial hypercholesterolemia, and my cholesterol is EXTREMELY high, it's like 8.4 mmol/L (reference range 2.0-4.6 mmol/L). i'm trying to get it down without any ...

 Please have a open mind regarding this!! Is there any bacteria.Put in the blood to eat cholesterol?
And when this is complete give a shot to kill the bacteria. it would be like maggets eating dead flesh...by the way this idea is noterized
i just need someone to investigate,and get it done...<...

 Have you ever experienced or seen a life and/or death Surgery?
I'm having a surgery on Saturday and im really really nervous and scared.


 Cardiac Help in Nashville, TN?
My husband is uninsured and possibly has a cardiac condition. He keeps blacking out with no warning and whenever he goes to the ER with injuries they just patch him up and send him on his way. Last ...

 how likely is another blood clot whilst taking warfarin?

 my wife suffering high blood pressure. one of her left finger [pointer] suddenly turn to blue recently.?
she was worried,for a few second she keep pressing and massaging the finger and finally the finger get back to normal. no more "blue". why? what is that symptom related?...

 does blood pressure of 180/124 cause immediate problems?

 what is congestive heart failure?

 what is the best way to control high blood pressure in the age of 29.?
my height is 6.2 inches & weight is 90 ...

 Congestive Heart Failure?
My grandfather has congestive heart failure. How long will it take to kill him? How long do most people live after being diagnosed with this?
Additional Details
I'd rather not get ...

 can heart murmurs heal over time?

 Need emergency medical care but no insurance....will county hospital turn me down?
I am having major problems...no insurance since husbands been laid off....state will give my kids medical cards but not me because of hubby. Only way they will is if we seperate. I have congestive ...

if i'm fasting for blood test can i take my daily medications?
i'm getting my blood tested and wanted to know if i could take my daily meds like always?

better after food, especially oral hypoglycemics, but u can take the medications which is specifically advised to take before food.

Gary S
NO. if you need to be fasting then you can not take your medicines unless you have been instructed specifially by your dr that you can take them. Taking your meds can mess you your fasting blood tests, check with your dr before going for your blood test.

Yes, most fasting tests are for either blood glucose or cholesterol, and both will require you to take your medications for these conditions in your normal routine.

call and ask your doctor or hospital
ask for xray department

yes, as long the doctor tell you not to

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