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 why does she need an echocardiogram?
my 4 year old has to see a cardiologist.the doctor said he could hear an abnormal sound in her heart.she has to have an echocardiogram.does this mean there might be something serious wrong with her ...

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i can't wait till that b*otch dies... she was so rude to me and physically harmed me. she caused my infertility problems with pregnancy and caused me so much stress. my fiance's mother.......

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 This 'problem' with my heart only seems to happen when I am relaxing?
My heart seems to 'miss a beat' or beats almost out of my cheast some times, but not when I am up and about.

It comes and goes but is frightening when it happens.

It ...

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 can crying too much lead to heart disease?
can crying too much harm your health? i've been crying like 2-4 times a week for months now, you know feeling lonely and i'm just emotional
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or is crying good ...

 if you needed a heart transplant ?
and were told by the doctors that it was nearly compatible to your own heart but it might be rejected would you accept it anyway if you knew with out taking it you would die?...

 HELP very worried about my blood pressure?
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 If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?

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Jerry, thats correct. I just wanted to see how many people knew that tho ...

 is my blood pressure healthy?
i was just at duane reade and took my BP. the first number was 122 the second was 28 and my pulse was 68. is this good? I'm a 19 year old female
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you know, it ...

 Think I'll have a heart attack soon?
My mom had a heart attack at 42. She survived.. scary, though. I know we have heart disease on both sides of the family. What're my chances of a heart attack any time soon if I do not change ...

 Strong random pains in my heart?
Strong random pains in my heart?
I get random strong pain's in my chest (in my heart) from time to time. What could be the cause of this, is it something i should go to a doctor over?

 I'm having a heart attack, how long do I have till I die? And what should I do?

 Is It Normal To Feel Your Heart "Moving"?
I don't mean "beating"- I know what that feels like. I don't think it's "palpitations" either, although I could be wrong because I've never had those before, I ...

how to get out of depressions?

preofessional help

talking to someone really close,
having fun, watcha funny movie or somethng that intrest you

get into a hobbby that really intrests you..

Fernando R
Think about sumthing funner or better or big situations.

Aspirin L
you must search for it on google and plz answer my question also.I think you must know the source of ur depression


Get checked out by a naturopath or equivalent to see if it's biological.

EFT - The emotional freedom Technique

Nicole H
talk to your friends. go places

i tell you what to do

you may go to a calm place may be the beach or any

green place and sit trying to relax dont just think of any thing

just forget the wholle world and live these minutes believe me

also you may go to your best friend ever and start talking

to him / her thats will make you feel great


hope this help a little

stay busy, talk about it..

John W
Exercise produces endorphin es which is a morphine like substance which elevates depression for maybe 48 hrs.

If the depression lasts for more than a few weeks there is antidepressants that might be apppropriate or pychological treatments that might be worthwhile.

Talk with your doctor about this, also it can be part of the meds you are already placed on......so you may need an
anti-depressant/anti-anxiety, depending on your systems.

Webmd.com and many other medical site have depression tests, take them, print them out, and take them to your primary care physician.

just get someone to listen to you and help you.

good luck

Char B
Try to think positively..that's really important. If you dwell on the negatives in your life then you end up going into a downward spiral and depression's harder to beat.

If there was an event which triggered the depression, it mustn't be 're-lived' in your mind, or the memory is easier to access and you'll think about it more often- killing your positive thinking, self esteem and motivation.

Also try not to bottle things up. That's a habit i once had and it's not healthy! Talk to a close friend or counselor - don't be afraid to express your emotions!

There are also good self help books and cd's on the market - cognitive behavioral therapy is popular at the moment- which focuses on changing the way you think. Lucinda Bassett's 'Attacking Anxiety and Depression' is very good (pricey, but it's downloadable from a torrent stie).

I think medications are a last resort, but if the depression is seriously effecting your life that's something that should be considered- and it doesn't mean your a weak person or 'lunatic' if your doctor prescribes them!

The majority of people experience depression at some point in their lives, so no one should feel they're on their own!
Hope this helps

Only Mama Knows
I have had bouts of depression myself so I understand what you're going through. Here are a few of the things that I do when I get depressed:

1. Talk with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.
2. Go out with friends. You don't necessarily have to talk with them about your depression but just hang out with them and enjoy yourself.
3. Find a good therapist to talk to and explain your problems too. I don't usually believe in therapy but it helped my son work out some of his problems.
4. Get out and just do things you enjoy doing like seeing a good movie, go out walking, or even just window shopping is fun.
5. Do anything that you enjoy doing.
6. Listen to upbeat music that you like. This always cheers me up. Listen to "feel good" songs. Like "The Walk of Life" by Dire Straits.
7. If you're still depressed then meds might help but this would be only if you're very depressed and don't snap out of your depression on your own and if its long term.
8. The important thing is not to keep your depression to yourself. Find someone who you can talk to and get help if your depression has been long term.

I've enclosed a link to the Mayo Clinic and it talks about depression. I wish you the best of luck. If you need someone to talk to about your depression, feel free to e-mail me.

start socializing. get out of the house. do something constructive. speak to your doctor. if you are on meds, some may cause depression

Speak to someone.. like a counseller.

why is this in HEART DISEASES?

See a doctor.

Most depressions are CLINICAL.

move on

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