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 Can a 17 year old girl have an heart attack?
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 If a doctor restarts your heart, do you remember dying?
Just wondering....

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 This 'problem' with my heart only seems to happen when I am relaxing?
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 can crying too much lead to heart disease?
can crying too much harm your health? i've been crying like 2-4 times a week for months now, you know feeling lonely and i'm just emotional
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or is crying good ...

 if you needed a heart transplant ?
and were told by the doctors that it was nearly compatible to your own heart but it might be rejected would you accept it anyway if you knew with out taking it you would die?...

 HELP very worried about my blood pressure?
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Ronail C
how to clean clogged arteries and blood vessels naturally?

apple cider vinegar I read this in a newspaper once from the orange county register- and this man lived up to ninety something and was still working he said he takes a teaspoon a day.

hamid b
There are no legitimate, known, proven way of doing such thing. There are no "good" research study that shows eating a certain thing, or exercising a certain way reverses the accumulation of plaque in the vessels.
The only proven way is cholesterol lowering medication which through years of following thousands of subjects has proven to reverse plaque size in the arteries.

note this.... 200gm of unpeeled louki juice+2/3 leaves of tulsi and 2/3 leaves of pudina juice ......drink twice empty stomach .it will clear the blocked arteries as proved by swamiramdev ji { watch ASTHSA channel]
Next r pryanayams.... alomvilom and kapalbhati
then daily 3-4 km agressive walks
totally avoid fatty food especially animal fats, eggs, meats butter, ghee etc.
no tensions
ya garlik is good .And A strong WILLPOWER.

Many physicians and researchers recommend that those wanting to follow healthy heart habits continue to eat a diet rich in antioxidants but recognize that there is probably no value in adding antioxidant supplements to a good diet.

get and read NO More Heart Disease, written by Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Louis Ignarro.

bob t
Eat less animal fat, diet.

Angioplasty while nude.

It is just a change of lifestyle - exercise - it will take years but it has been shown to decrease clogging of arteries

Eat garlic, lots and lots of garlic. Works. Natural.

Ida L

I think this helps.. but whatever n good luck...

Chao Chao
This is a dietary prescription:
Mix and brew at medium heat for half an hour, so the total volume is reduced to 3 cups.

One cup of Lemon juice
One cup of garlic juice
One cup of Apple vinegar
One cup of Ginger juice
Once it cools down, add one cup of honey and stir it for 10 minutes, pour it in a bottle and store it in a refrigerator.
Every morning , take three tablespoon empty stomach for one year.
caution: if you are diabetic, consult your physician as how harmful can be a spoon of honey daily besides your other daily consumption of RDA. You have to strike a balance. Worst case scenario, reduce the honey from the ingredients. Remember to pray to God for healing; the our Creator and the Creator of all Universe may cure the disease.Amen
Do not quit any other prescription during the course of this treatment.

cheerios, oatmeal and excercise!


Smiley Sue
Regular exercise (30-40 min brisk walking 5-6 times a week---enough to sweat_
Olive oil
one glass of red wine per day
healthy fats from nuts and seeds
no trans-fats
lose at least 10 pounds
1 low-dose aspirin a day

Fred M
2 main things.

Eat lots of Fiber and excercise.

It might take longer to get rid of them but the results last a long time.


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