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how does the doctor determine if you have congestive heart failure?
I am on high blood pressure pill "Norvasc" but I also have to take a fluid pill and if I don't I feel like a toad, does this mean my heart is not working as well as it use to? If anyone can help with some experinces they have been through it would be appreciated. I hate going to the doctor......

My mom's had congestive heart failure for a number of years, recently she was put on a diuretic because she was retaining a lot of water in her abdomen. She was having difficulty breathing and doing the simplest chores. She also takes heart medication and other things and has had a pacemaker for the last 10 yrs, which is soon to be replaced. Her congestive heart failure has worsened, she had and Echo and this was confirmed by taking a simple blood test that Id's the marker. You really need to see your Dr and have the tests.

The reason why you don't feel crook is because that you are in compensated heart failure, i.e your heart isn't working as well as it should, but you are coping with it. The reason why you were put on a fluid pill is to ensure that your heart isn't put through more than it should, pushing you to decompensation (i.e when you start feeling awful, breathless and the works)

Spironolactone has been shown to improve cardiovascular function in recent trials and is recommended as one of the first line therapy for heart failure.... i would continue taking it as per doctors orders and if you are having any problems with it, i.e side effects, best go see your doc to change your meds! There are heaps of other fluid pills out there.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Continue taking your meds, and if you have problems, go see your doc...

Listens to heart for gallup rhythm, and to lungs for moist rales. Checks ankles for fluid.

They look at you and l if your working to breath and your lungs have crackles on auscultation which are called rales, they order a blood test called a BNP, then they do a chest XR and look for what they call "vascular congestion" They check your 02 saturation and if your puffing along and depending on what your 02 saturation is doing, they order oxygen to increase the oxygen in your blood. They suspect CHF if your neck veins are bulging out and you tell them, you cannot breath without sitting up ( 2 or 3 pillow orthopnea) They suspect CHF if you are edematous and cannot breath, and your heart is beating too fast sometimes.
Its a picture you have to be there to understand maybe since you not in the medical field.
We instruct our heart failure pts to weigh themselves every day and if they gain 2 or 3 pounds in a day, we tell them to either call their doctor or take an extra dose of lasix.
Please go to the doctor, thats what they are there for and I think you should be taking your medicine. If you are ordered Lasix or Bumex or Spironolactone, or another diuretic, dont start skipping doses. You will end up in trouble.

When your heart doesn't pump as well as it should, fluid can build up in your lungs. That's congestive heart failure. Fluid also tends to build up in your feet & legs as well.

CHF is very common, and people can carry on normal lives for many years with it if they take their medications and follow Dr. orders regarding diet.

The determination of congestive heart failure is made by echocardiographic evaluation and/or symptoms. The Echo is a test where they rub an ultrasonic probe over your chest to evaluate heart structure and function. Symptoms would include breathlessness with minimal activity or at rest.

Being on a fluid pill does not necessarily mean you have congestive heart failure. "Fluid" pills or diuretics are a main stay of treatment for high blood pressure.

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