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how can i induce a heart attack?
how can i induce a heart attack?

Bart Simpson
You can induce a heart attack by few different ways, electrocution, drug abuse, and physically.
Electrocution is pretty obvious, but you need to be accurate though, too weak of a electrocution would not induce one, too much can kill or even burn you instantly. Keep in mind, this will be excruciatingly painful.
Drug abuse can be a very good factor in inducing a heart attack, for example, you can induce one if you receive a high dose of caffeine (more than 300 milligrams) and exercise vigorously. Different recreational/illegal drugs can also cause a heart attack with vigorous exercise. Some drugs can even cause heart attack when combined with electrocution of a electricity taser.
I will explain one way you can physically induce a heart attack, but you will need a willing buddy to help you, as you cannot do it alone. It has to be done right. Timing is very important.
Have your buddy feel your heartbeats and when the timing is right, punch very hard in the chest, directly on where the heart rests. You should only punch when the heart is about to beat (when you time it right, just when you feel it beat, punch very hard at the same time). This method may take few tries to successfully induce a heart attack.

Keep in mind, these methods are purely for educational purposes. These methods may or may not induce a heart attack. It will vary person by person.

Why the **** would you want to induce a heart attack in the first place? A heart attack (myocardial infraction) can make you die and can be painful. If you're trying to kill yourself though, you are mentally unstable and need to see a therapist.

Your heart is working overtime, 24/7 without a pause. Don't you think it deserves something in return?

And as for Bart Simpson's answer, the lungs and heart muscle are protected by your ribcage, so if you punch the chest, you'd have to break the ribcage (which would take quite some effort) before actually doing any damage to the heart.

I don't know why you would want to do this lol, but probably a massive dose of stimulants, such as cocaine, amphetamines, mephedrone, nicotine. Or get yourself a shot of adrenaline.

the docter can give you some chemical for it. BUT they just won't give it to random people.

drink a gallon of espresso.

eat mcdonalds for a year and then try to run

why would you want to?

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